Doing the world good, one plate at a time.

We’re hungry bears with a conscious (ô‿ô)  If we can help someone or an organisation – and eat – at the same time, then why not, right!? Right!  As of 2013, we’ve been selling the Entertainment Guide to help support Australian charities – all profits of our sales go to the charity for that year.  If you love to eat, love a bargain, and love the idea of helping a good cause – then getting an Entertainment Guide is perfect for you and they make amazing gifts for others! What’s more, it doesn’t matter where you are in Australia, you can select the appropriate book for your location, or go digital!

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You can have physical books mailed to you – or if you’re in the Northern/North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne – we can possibly organise a pick-up/drop-off if we’re close by you!

Our 2017 Charity: Australian Marine Conservation

2016 Charity: WWF

2016: Profits from 7 Book Sales went to World Wildlife Foundation Australia.

2015 Charity: Australian Rainforest Conservation Society

2015: Profits from 9 Book Sales went to Australian Rainforest Conservation Society.

2014 Charity: Fight for the Reef

 2014: Profits from 10 Book Sales went to Fight For The Reef.

2013 Charity: Greenfleet

2013: Profits from 7 Book Sales went to Green Fleet.