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For those of you who don’t know, the Two Bears and a Fork have a gastronomically-adventurous friend Alex who has been trekking the world in search of good food! Here’s his latest guest post from Macau!

When I first embarked on this trip, the first restaurant I booked was Robuchon au Dôme here in Macau. Long the jewel of the Robuchon restaurant empire, I had heard plenty of tales from travellers about it’s amazing setting, it’s amazing service and food, and it’s stunning location. Elite Traveler magazine, only a week or two ago, named it number 6 in it’s list of the Top 100 world restaurants list. So, with high expectations, I set out to see if I too, would have an experience to add to the tall tales.

I can’t begin without describing the entrance. Located in the Grand Lisboa hotel, Robuchon au Dôme occupies perhaps the most exclusive space imaginable. So exclusive, it takes no less than 3 staff just to get you there. Upon finding the right lift you head to the 39th floor. You are greeted and shown through a doorway to a hostess, who guides you to another lift. From there, the 43rd floor is your destination.

And what a destination it is. Possibly the most beautiful dining room I’ve been in (Though New York’s Restaurant Daniel would be right up there), a chandelier the size of Texas hangs from the roof of the dome, ensuring you know that there is nowhere else to go, this is the pinnacle of possibly the grandest building on the island.

A waiter took me to my table (Every table has a view, it’s impossible not to) where the sommelier began the night’s trolley service. I declined champagne (It’s really not my thing) and so, a menu was presented.

I chose the Prestige menu, there was a seafood menu that looked great, but I like a little variety in my meals (Unless it’s a kebab. Lamb, garlic sauce, the lot. No exceptions). It looked a good balance of restaurant signatures, something I was very keen on.

A small amuse bouche came, a crispy waffle with scampi and espelette pepper. This was a lovely bite, a great little start to the meal.

The bread trolley made it’s way over, with a typical selection of far too many breads to remember. An assorted basket was assembled for me, the perfect outcome achieved.

Next up, a signature of Mr. Robuchon and a dish I’d already had on this trip. The imperial caviar with king crab and lobster jelly. Please don’t take this as a negative, I could eat this dish all day long. For me, it’s still the perfect first course.

Next up was a dish that won’t go down as my favourite for anyone who knows me. I’m sure the Bears as they read this will be thinking ‘He really would have hated this’. I would like to say here there was nothing wrong with this dish from the restaurant’s end, the negativity here is solely from me. A duo of beetroot and apple, with avocado, young herbs and green mustard sorbet. I have a very strong dislike for beetroot and green mustard isn’t my favourite either. I struggled to eat this, but again, I must be clear, THIS IS SOLELY MY TASTE. As a vegetarian dish though, very clever and I’m sure it proves popular.

My third course was always going to be a hit for me, as we had more morel mushrooms! This time, with three large aged comté cheese ravioli, some crispy pork skin and a mushroom cream. If I had this for every course, I would have been a very happy man.

My fish course came up next, roasted lobster with salted butter, green pea and bok choi with spicy bisque. This was the same as the lobster at L’Atelier Hong Kong, but that isn’t a bad thing, I liked it last week, and I liked it again here.

Now, the main course. We head back a fortnight ago, to Joel Robuchon @ RWS Singapore, for a beef châteaubriand and foir gras ‘rossini’ with vintage port wine. I had glowing praise for this dish in Singapore, and nothing has changed my opinion here. It’s a prime piece of beef, with equal part foie gras. I was also served a little mushroom and ginger tea, from the chef to aid digestion. A lovely broth, whether it helped, I have no idea.

The cheese trolley made an appearance next, so I took up the offer. A selection of four French cheeses, with the highly recommended epoisses being a standout.

A pre dessert was next, ‘Amaou’ strawberriy, pink champagne punch and bailey’s cream. This was the perfect size, a couple of spoonfuls made this a pleasure to eat.

Next up, the dessert trolley. A glittering signature of Robuchon restaurants at the three star level. This was decorated with various tarts, pies baked goods and any manner of other treats. I had two to choose here, so i picked the mille feuille (To no-one’s surprise if you’ve read my other reviews) and the personal favourite of Mr. Robuchon himself, the religieuse, choux pastry cases filled with custard and decorated with ganache. I chose the coffee flavour here, over a chocolate option. Another waitress appeared with an ice cream and sorbet trolley. The vanilla ice cream I chose was superb.

After dessert, the petit four trolley appeared to have with my coffee. I didn’t feel like anything else sweet, so i declined. Others would have had a field day with something like this.

After the bill was paid, the sommelier presented me with a printed copy of the menu I ate, with wines and personalised with my name and the date I dined. I love this, I like to collect menus and this extra step was certainly appreciated.

Overall, this was the best of the Robuchon restaurants I dined at over this trip, it’s every bit deserving of it’s praise as one of the world’s best. It exceded all of my expectations. This is definitely one to go out of your way to book into should you find yourself thinking of going to Macau.

Flavour: ★★★★★✔
Quality: ★★★★★✔
Service: ★★★★★✔
Value: ★★★★★✔  (My total bill was MOP3800, or around AU$640. For this experience, in this setting, I was very happy to pay this)
Atmosphere: ★★★★★✔

Address: Level 43, Grand Lisboa Hotel, 2-4 Avenida de Lisboa, Macau

Tip! Unlike most, Robuchon au Dôme is open lunch and dinner 7 days, making a reservation easier to come by than you may think.

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