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When wine and food gets delivered to your table without you having to break away from a view like this, that’s pretty special.  We’re quite surprised by the not-so-high rating Massaro‘s has on Zomato (as of the posting of this blog) because…. errr, after our first visit, we went back twice more! And took new people with us each time!

Yeah sure, the servers (excepting one or two) are youngsters with little to no experience – but – hey! If you go to a magical spot like this and have time to notice the long-ish gaps between service while soaking in that view, you need some more wine and you need to shake out that stress and start relaxing!

Antipasti Board

This was our second time trying the Antipasti Board ($35) and as one would expect, it was slightly different to when we first had it. Despite the variations, there was a pile of marinated veggies, olives (which were quite sour to be honest – don’t think any of us ate beyond one or two of them), sliced meats, wedges of cheeses….

Bread for the Antipasti Board

…and a heck of a lot of bread, accompanied with some lovely olive oil. We sipped our respective glasses poured from a cool bottle of Chardonnay ($25), nibbled away at the antipasti free-for-all and stared at the sun as it started to drift towards the horizon.

Clam & Prawn Risotto

The ‘rustic kitchen’ dishes seem to change regularly, which is a good thing as it keeps us guessing and keeps things fresh. And on the menu this night, one of our friends ordered a Clam & Prawn Risotto which was a decent size with lots of those shelled critters in among it all, and very tasty by her admission.

Margherita Pizza

I’ve been working my way through the vegetarian pizza menu, and on this night I got the classic Margherita ($18) and enjoyed it thoroughly! The dough is beautifully light, yet crisp in the right spots, the tomato base doesn’t have any bitterness and the cheese was gooey and abundant. Yum, yum, yum. I wasn’t able to finish it myself though, so my cohorts happily did the duty!


Hubby bear loves the Capriciossa pizza here with it’s just-salty-enough olives, mushrooms, and slices of ham mingling in between the tomato base and the mozzarella cheese.  I’m pretty sure this is the second or third time he’s ordered it, and it’s been a winner each time!


A life-long friend of my hubby, who happens to be the hubby of our friend who enjoyed the risotto above, is a full-bred Italian and decided to order the Diavola ($22). He exclaimed, he enjoyed, he sang the praises of the salame and nduja that topped the perfectly cooked pizza base. It was so good that he felt compelled to give his compliments to the manager (owner?) that night – and that’s saying a lot from a man who makes some mean Italian food himself!


Their Gelato (2 scoops $11) here is divine and while I can’t remember the flavour of what’s pictured above, we all got our own little cups with our own assortment of flavours, and unabashedly tucked into the others’ to see what their’s was like. Definitely leave room for at least one scoop!

Overall, Massaro’s is fast becoming one of our favourite places to relax and catchup with friends. They offer solid food and wine at good prices and that view!! What would you pay for that view?! We’re sure as they grow into their own, their wait staff will gain the experience they need to handle the crowd – but for now – get off your high horse and go. Go there and enjoy the yummy pizzas and the naughty gelato…and have we mentioned the sunset yet? LOL. Yeah? Make sure you enjoy that, too! Go, go, go!

Flavour: ★★★★★✔
Quality: ★★★★★✔
Service: ★★★☆☆
Value: ★★★★★✔
Atmosphere: ★★★★★✔

Address: 360 Eltham Yarra-Glen Road, Kangaroo Ground Victoria 3097, Australia

Tip! If you want to woo your date, you must take them here! But be sure to check the weather forecast and book ahead for a table outside!

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The Two Bears are a fun-loving married couple of more years than we care to share, ha! Our travels allow Wifey Bear (a vegetarian) and Hubby bear (a carnivore) the opportunity to explore the mysteries of this amazing planet while trying out new & exciting food! #biglove

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  1. Monique Sullivan
    March 23, 2018

    Massaros was crap. All pizzas were burnt and then they over charged us. Will NEVER go back.

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