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Cloaked behind black-out stickers and paint on their windows, don’t expect to get a sneak peak into Som Thai without fully having to step into the place. But don’t be scared, once you step in, you’ll probably stay 🙂 The service is friendly and smiling and the dining room dimly lit and cozy. The restaurant was different from what it was like when we first came here several years ago; and in a very good way!


To start the night off, one of my friends got the Miyang ($5.50/ea), which I believe was crab? Or some sort of meat of the sea (LOL! Sorry, I can’t recall) sitting on a large betel leaf then topped with fresh tomato, onions, cucumber, peanuts and a classic Thai tangy-spicy-sweet dressing.

Tofu Miyang

I had the same thing, except the vegetarian version: Tofu Miyang ($4.90/ea) with the meat of the soya bean 😉 and a more sticky-sweet sauce than what my friend had on hers. Nevertheless, I wrapped up its contents quickly and tucked it into my mouth in the same fashion.  Overall, it was refreshing and tasty, just a shame I only got one! 😀

Satay Chicken

The carnivores shared two plates of Satay Chicken Skewers ($8.50/ea) and it was hailed by the Hubby Bear that they were some of the best satay skewers he’s had. Really good chicken with a decent peanut satay clinging to each piece. Two thumbs up!

Fried Barramundi

Among my meat eating friends, it was declared – hands down – that the Fried Barramundi with apple & mango salad ($32.50) was the star dish of the night. The whole fish was deep fried and hidden underneath an abundant bed of mint, thin slices of green apple and ninja-chili peppers that would attack out of nowhere!  Incredibly tasty and refreshing it hit all the right buttons for all those who tucked their forks into it! Another two thumbs up!

Wok Fried Salmon

Hubby bear ordered the Wok Fried Salmon ($22.90), which had similar hallmarks of the previous dish: a combination of fresh herbs and salad, tangy-spicy-sweet dressing, and well cooked fish.  He could find no fault and he ate it happily!

Tofu Penang Curry

I enjoyed a Tofu Penang Curry ($17.90) which had bits of broccoli, tofu, carrots and other assorted greens. Like all the other dishes, it was well presented and very tasty. However, I must say, the portion size was a little on the small side. Note Som Thai: I may be vegetarian, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like a good feed! LOL!

Barramundi with Lemongrass

Fish was the theme of the night with my carnivorous friends, with the last meal being another fried whole Barramundi with lemongrass ($32.50) on a banana leaf. Again, fresh and tasty, but according to its owner, it didn’t hold a candle to the one with the apple & mango salad.

Steamed Rice (3 serves pictured here)

The rice ($2.50/serve) was fluffy and served its purpose to mop up all that extra saucy goodness from our mains. The corkage was a fair price at $5.00/bottle and we all thoroughly enjoyed our meals and service in equal measure.

The verdict? Som Thai is a great local Thai restaurant, serving more than just the ‘standard fare’ you usually see (and that you will see on their current takeaway menu).  If you’re anywhere near the area, our entire party highly recommends you go! (so much so, our friends have already been back there to eat again!)

Flavour: ★★★★★✔
Quality: ★★★★★✔
Service: ★★★★★✔
Value: ★★★★☆
Atmosphere: ★★★★☆

Address: Shop 6, 258 Blackburn Road, Doncaster East Victoria 3109, Australia

Tip! As of the posting of this blog, their take-away menu doesn’t feature any of the dishes above. So if you’re keen to try what we had, you’ll probably need to dine in!

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