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We can see why Vue de monde chef and restaurateur extraordinaire Shannon Bennett chose this location for the Piggery Cafe. It’s gorgeous, park-like setting has fairy tale qualities with the grounds ripe for that family picnic. And ripe it was. It appeared as though every family rocked up at the same time we did. Big families = big queues. But hey, it’s Shannon Bennett’s joint, it’s worth the wait, right? Right?

Beer Tasting Paddle

The boys in the party both got a Beer Tasting Paddle ($15) which just seems to suit burgers and sunny skies. Funnily enough, Hubby Bear preferred the lighter colour ales while his mate preferred the darker ones. Good thing they could swap the glasses!

Veg Burger + Fries

I had the Veg Burger with Fries ($18.00). While the fries themselves tasted good, they actually looked like someone physically stretched out their hand, grabbed a heap of fries and threw them on my plate. I say that because, well, there were quite a few squashed fries. Hmm…maybe I’m being too picky? Who cares if you’ve got a few squashed fries? Well, I care! What if they weren’t squashed? What if they were dropped?? 😐

Veg Burger
Veg Burger

Now on to my veg burger; yes, yes I know, I’m at THE PIGGERY. Clearly not named for vegetarians. But I am also at Shannon Bennett’s restaurant, so don’t I have some right to expect something good? My burger did absolutely nothing for me.  While the patty appeared pretty with its striking purple tinge, it lacked in any real flavour. The coleslow that topped it was applied very sparingly, so no help there. And the bun! Oh my gawd! It looked like a brioche bun on the outside, but brioche it was not! It was a 100% overly dry days-old-crumbly-starchy bun that I wouldn’t have expected from this place. 🙁  I bet even you can tell it was average from the photo above!


Burger + Fries

Hold on. Shannon Bennett. Vue de monde. Good food? Where am I? What’s wrong?  Ahh, I hear you carnivores saying, “you’re not eating meat, that’s what’s wrong!” but alas, here’s my check-mate! Hubby bear had the Blackmore Wagyu Beef Burger + Fries ($18) and it had the same offenses as my burger. Again tasty fries with a bunch of squashed ones in there (maybe that’s they’re thing? not french fries, but squashed fries) with a pretty stock-standard tasting beef patty and bacon that was just…a beef patty and bacon. And top it off, he had the horribly gluggy starchy bun, too.

Fish of the day

Our mate had the Fish of the Day and he seemed to enjoy it; he said it was fresh and light. Woohoo! Nothing squashed and no old bread on his plate! Score for him!


The sun was blazing and not having any shade overhead, we trekked off to hide under one of the nearby trees to eat a couple of deserts. I can’t recall exactly what they were, something with pear and a lemon with meringue something or another.  Both were a nice way to forget the earlier part of our lunch! LOL!

The guys had another round of beers, but this time a German ale that seemed to suit my hubby a bit better.

The ladies had Iced Coffees which were bold with coffee flavour and sweetened with a dash of honey. This was the definite stand-out for me for the day!2016-10-30-15-10-32

Overall, pretty disappointed. Even if it wasn’t Shannon Bennett’s place; even if it was just some place – the burgers were below par. Add to that, the counter service to some members of our party was incredibly rude. (Excepting the super-nice bloke who seated us, he was totally full of smiles and friendly!) The only saving graces for our lunch here were the flavour of the chips and the iced coffees – and the surrounding parkland.

Maybe we ordered all the wrong things? Maybe we copped a bad day for certain staff? Maybe we were in another dimension? Who knows! So if you decide to go, perhaps try anything else on the menu, the pork I presume should be good? And we hope you have a much better experience than us!

Flavour: ★★★☆☆
Quality: ★★☆☆☆
Service: ★★★☆☆
Value: ★★★★☆
Atmosphere: ★★★★★✔

Address: 1 Sherbrooke Road, Shrebrooke Victoria 3789, Australia

Tip! If you got during peak lunch time on the weekend, be prepared to wait and wait and wait… 😀

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