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The words “Food” and “Truck” were never two nouns I thought I’d lovingly put together in a sentence, at least not until now. On a lazy Sunday afternoon we met with a group of friends at Welcome to Thornbury (a Food Truck Haven that caters to a 700 seat beer garden). After we swarmed an empty table, we divided our party to insert ourselves into a snaking queue to order from Mr. Burger, one of the half-dozen food trucks there that day.

My friend ordered the Mr Burger ($10), which is their “classic” burger. Beef patty smooshed in with cheese, pickles, lettuce and sauce – it was gone pretty quick! But in saying that, we waited nearly an hour to get it, so she ate it quick-smart, and rightly so! ha! Her overall verdict:  very tasty, hit the spot!

Mr Burger, the classic
Mr Burger, the classic

I ordered the Mr Veg vegetarian burger ($11), which I thought hysterical being a buck more expensive than the meat one, but I suppose, it’s all about economies of scale, eh? And I must check myself, at least there was a veg option for me, right!? Yeah, right. Back in your box lady bear! ha!

Anyway, I digress! For anybody who’s ever been to In And Out in the USA, and knows about their ‘secret’ menu, the “Grilled Cheese” is hands down the BEST vegetarian burger I’ve ever had. There isn’t even a patty in it, go figure! It’s like magic! In the last decade, no one has come remotely close to trumping my In And Out veg burger, until the Mr Veg!!

Mr Veg, vegetarian burger and fries
Mr Veg, vegetarian burger and fries

A crusty flattened falafel pattie, melted cheese, a big leaf of lettuce and some classic mustard and sauce – wow! This was a clear second-best to my beloved Grilled Cheese at In and Out!  That might not sound all that exciting to those who haven’t had the Grilled Cheese, but for those of you who have…. you now realize, you must to hunt down this food truck pronto!

I rounded out my order with a serve of the canjun salted Chips ($3.50), of which would’ve been much tastier if they were fresher, I think they were ready well before my burger, so they’d started to get that little bit of “I’m going cold” stiff starchiness to them. But given the queue and insane crowds at Welcome to Thornbury that day, I was just thankful to get them somewhat warm! ha!

Flavour: ★★★★★✔
Quality: ★★★★☆
Service: ★★★★☆
Value: ★★★★★✔
Atmosphere: ★★★★★✔ (when at Welcome to Thornbury)

Address: Food Truck at Welcome to Thornbury

Tip! Be prepared to wait upwards of 45 minutes for your burger if you go to Welcome to Thornbury on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon!

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