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We’ve had a bad run of Indian dining experiences lately. So please, oh please, Tandoori Den, break the recent losing streak for us! I bet you can imagine how our faces lit up when we saw the restaurant was celebrating its 33rd year in business when we arrived at their door step, “They must be good” we squeeed to each other as we were shown to our table!

The owners of this place clearly take a lot of pride in their establishment: clean and tidy interior (although crammed to the hilt with tables), shiny Asian food awards on the walls, exotic decorations dangling from the ceiling, a couple of chefs stuffed into the obligatory windowed tandoori oven area, well dressed servers, and white table cloths. Overall very nice, especially when compared to the fitout of their counterparts.  The only thing I just have to (jokingly) point out is that they have the chairs of a Chinese restaurant.  I don’t know why, but for some reason, their chairs just remind me of a Chinese restaurant! ha!

Tandoori Den

Anyhoo, enough talk about the decor, let’s talk food.  We were relatively hungry and we wanted some good Indian grub, so hubby bear dove straight in and ordered the meaty Burra Kebab ($12.90/2 pcs) for his entree. They were incredibly juicy and well flavoured. A definite thumbs up!

Burra Kebabs
I ordered the Vegetable Pakoras ($9.90/4pcs), which consisted of two spinach pakoras and two cauliflower/potato type ones. Well cooked and spiced nicely. Nothing magical happening here, but satisfying nontheless.
Vegetable Pakoras
A bit to my suprise, hubby bear ordered the Beef Butter Cream ($22.90), as opposed to his standard Beef Madras (which he loves). But I suppose it was time to try something different, eh? He wasn’t disappointed because it was full of nice big tandoori-cooked chunks of chicken in that classic, creamy buttery sauce.  A flavoursome dish, but it couldn’t hold a candle to his personal favourite (which is the Beef Madras at Machan in Eltham).
Beef Butter Cream and Saffron Rice
I ordered the Vegetable Rogan Josh ($17.90), which I’ve hardly ever seen on an Indian menu before (although I do my own incredible rendition of this at home) so I had to try it.  When it hit the table, in all honesty, I was bummed out because I could tell it wasn’t going to be what I expected. It had no hints of that thick, rich and robust Rogan Josh consistency or flavour I was hoping for. It was a standard veg curry, plain and simple.  Simple & nice, but no prize.
Veg Rogan Josh and Garlic Naan

Saffron rice ($5.90) was good – light and fluffy – and the garlic naan ($3.75/ea) was yummers – crispy and soft and garlic-y. We were pleasantly surprised by the addition of sliced spring onion on the naan, too – nice little touch 🙂 I suppose those guys aren’t standing in that glass tandoori box for nothing! ha!

Although nothing outstanding jumped from our plates, they were filled with good food, in a good atmosphere, and delivered with good service. Overall, these guys are pretty solid. I can see why they’ve lasted 33 years 🙂

Flavour: ★★★★

Quality:   ★★★★★✔
Service: ★★★★★✔
Value: ★★★
Atmosphere: ★★★★★✔

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