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Oh you have so much potential Swadesh Indian Cuisine. So if you’re reading this, take this as some constructive criticism and a big heads-up you need to turn things around. Just a reminder, we’re pre-disposed to loving Indian food, so if you don’t fare well with us – take it seriously…

Sitting in an awkward section of Plenty Road in Preston (I suppose there’s no non-awkward spot on that strip of road at the moment), this cavernously huge restaurant, which – despite the polished concrete floors, lovely long bar and subway tile feature wall – looks and feels empty, cold and half unfinished. There are some good “bones” here, if they would just hang some big Indian inspired pop-art on the walls (they’re big enough!), get some comfortable chairs in there, and play some music so we can’t hear ourselves chewing our food – then we’d be excited, but alas, no excitement this time peeps.

Dining area

As for food, it started off really well! We had a Masala Dosa to share, and while Hubby Bear didn’t fancy any of the sides, I didn’t mind them. The dosa itself was light, crisp and huge and the filling was tasty goodness of potato and cumin.

Then all our hopes and dreams were smashed and things went downhill fast. Firstly, our server seemed excessively shy and unsure about how to go about the entire process of, well, serving food.  Our dosa tray was huge (because the dosa was huge), and while he knew it was our entree dish, he proceeded to bring our main meal items out to the table, even though we had no room for plates! Since we’re not fans of watching our food get cold, we hurried to finish our dosa, then had to flag our server down to let him know we were ready for our plates! hahaha! Okay, okay, let’s let the lack of table service experience slide as a result of “new business jumbles”…

Masala Dosa

We ordered the Paneer Makhani with Rice and Garlic Naan.  Oh my goodness. Can you see the photo below? Can you see the depth of colour in that paneer? Deep reddish orange? Doesn’t it look like it’ll be good? Yeah? Will you believe me when I say it literally (honestly!!!) tasted of nothing. It was like the chef put paneer cheese cubes into a bowl of cream and mixed in tandoori coluring. That’s it. No tomato flavour, no fenugreek flavour, no nothing. So sad!! The rice and bread were good, but without anything sufficient to eat with them, we just couldn’t soldier on and left a vast majority of the meal uneaten.

Garlic naan, rice, Paneer Makhani

Perhaps these guys are brand new to the restaurant scene, so are struggling to find their feet. We really really (really!!) hope they snap out of it fast, and inject that big space with some atmosphere, servers with some excitement, and food with some (any!) flavour because – based on what we had – no one, let alone foodies, will go or return.

Good luck guys, we hope you can prove us wrong 🙂

Flavour: ★★

Quality:   ★★ 
Service: ★★
Value: ★★ 
Atmosphere: ★

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