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The Two Bears were indecisive on where to grab some grub one night, so we ended up making a snap decision and pulled up outside Mexicali Rose in Richmond. Not overly impressed with how it appeared from the outside, we raised our furry eyebrows and said to each other, “Hey, we have a 25% off voucher from the Entertainment Guide, surely that’ll offset any possible ordinary we’ll get dished up, right?” Right. Hmm, not.

Let’s make this one snappy because, we don’t have a whole lot to say.  Hubby bear ordered the Burrito Colorado ($24). The menu says this dish is “slow cooked beef in sauce of  new mexico chile” – which is apparently onion, garlic, cumin, pepper & sour cream – okay sure. They merried it up with some basic salsa, black beans and rice. “How was it?” I asked.  Hubby bear responded with a twinge, “Yeahhhhh, errrr, it’s just okay. Nothing Taco Bill can’t do blind-folded.”

Burrito Colorado

I got the Vegie Chimichanga ($21) which was a grilled tortilla hiding a bundle of mixed grilled vegetables, pico de gallo, coriander, and cheese. The filling of my chimichange was actually good, but I curse myself for not recognizing what this menu description meant: ‘salsa barbacoa’, because that was quite honestly the most significantly inappropriate, sickly sweet, unnecessary topping you could possibly put on anything Mexican. Who puts sweet BBQ sauce on a freakin’ chimichanga!?!?! It didn’t even enter my mind to try and translate the description because I was expecting a salsa – not BBQ sauce!! Thank gawd for the sour cream and rice salad, it helped wash the disappointment out of my mouth.

Chimichanga hiding under horrid BBQ sauce

I think you get my drift here. 2 stars all the way bambinos.

Flavour: ★★

Quality:   ★★ 
Service: ★★
Value: ★★ 
Atmosphere: ★

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The Two Bears are a fun-loving married couple of more years than we care to share, ha! Our travels allow Wifey Bear (a vegetarian) and Hubby bear (a carnivore) the opportunity to explore the mysteries of this amazing planet while trying out new & exciting food! #biglove

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