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If you’ve read my previous blogs, you know we love the delectible yummies from D.O.C. and Noi Pizzeria – their pizzas are made & eaten like there’s no tomorrow! So I know you won’t believe me when I say they have a serious  contender to look out for…in Reservoir! Yes, of all places, a lonely awkward shaped building braving a corner of one of the many dingy, forgotten and quiet stretches of Plenty Road, Reservoir!! So without further ado, let me introduce you to Ciccio’s Pizza Kitchen!

Let’s be real here: the location, meh!  The restaurant decor & fit-out, double-meh! As a matter of fact, we could forget the insane ‘snugness’ of the front dining room if we didn’t have to sit in the most horrendous chairs ever! But my ass was quickly forgotten the moment the pizzas hit the table, the pizzas….O.M.G. the pizzas.

Let’s dive right in.  Hubby got the Capricciosa ($16.50), but without anchovies and added salami. I had the Buffalo Margherita ($18.50).  Verdict: Absolutely freaking insanely delicious.  The dough kicked serious #!@$^%*(! Never ever have we had pizza dough that good! I’m so sorry to our dearly beloved life-long faves, D.O.C. and Noi – not even the pizza world champ at 400 Gradi could touch this man’s dough! Sidenote: yes, I have eaten the ‘world winning pizza’ from 400 Gradi and it was amazing…until now.

Capricciosa without anchovies and added salami

Apparently, the chef rests his dough “the Italian way” where it rises for at least 72 – 96 hours before it’s shaped into my dinner. Well, I don’t know (or care, really) if that process was what made the true difference here, but whatever it was – he needs to keep doing it! The ingredients were fresh and flavoursome, and the pizza dough was (clearly) brilliant. Yes, dough that’s worth driving out of you way for – light, tasty, and crunchy in just the right places!

Buffalo Margherita

Customer service just covered the basics, smiling and friendly with a healthy dose of broken English! 😉

So, if you give it a try and you don’t live nearby, I recommend you eat it there – despite the shiiiiite-ness of the seating, I just can’t see that dough lasting a long journey in its true delicious state.

Oh, dear Santa. Please bring Ciccio’s an interior designer who can make the place just as comfortable to sit in as the pizzas are easy to eat! Please!

Flavour:  ★★★ ✔

Quality:   ★★★ ✔

Value:    ★★

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