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Devoid of true local knowledge, a travelling foodie must seek out the suggestions of the locals when away from their safe haven (AKA Melbourne, Australia).  And you must trust them and give their recommendations a shot. Hence how we ended up in Farm Burger, Decatur Georgia.

When we arrived, it had all the appearance of greatness, but it quickly wafted away like mist in a dream. But before I get to the nightmare, I have to give it to these guys though, the place was packed, it looked cool – like pappa southern bar and mama burger joint got jiggy with each other and popped out bubby Farm burger. Plus the orders were rolling in, ding-a-linging left-right-and-center.

We were excited when we finally got to the counter, hubby bear ordered The Farm Burger (USD$8). When it arrived, it looked so good, and it tasted good. But just good – definitely not the amazing burger he was expecting, especially given we were in the Homeland of Fast Food & Hamburgers: America. Verdict? Given the price, he was happy.

Farm Burger on the left, Veggie burger on the right.
Taste? Left the building ages ago.

I got the The Veggie Quinoa Burger with fries and a drink (USD$10 combo price) and was thrilled at how good it looked! I was thinking, “Oh my goodness, this is going to be the most  amazing burger experience ever! I’m gonna just die and go to veg burger heaven…” But alas, I took that first bite and I’m quite sure I shed a tear of sadness. Then a second, then a third, and my hopes and dreams were smashed.  My burger literally tasted like nothing.  HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN? How can you get caramelized onions to taste of nothing? Why is it all I could taste was the bun and a slight hint of marinated beets? Oh! For shame Farm Burger for removing my burger’s flavour before I got to taste itMy verdict? Not having that again! I’d rather have a bowl of cereal then be let down like that again!

Buuuuuut, maybe I just got a bad batch? Or perhaps our taste buds weren’t adjusted to our new foreign surroundings? Or maybe the burgers here are all about the look and not the taste? Oh, who knows!!! All I can say is that this place looks the deal, it just didn’t taste it!

Flavour:  ★★

Quality:   ★★

Service:  ★★
Value:    ★★
Atmosphere: ★★

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The Two Bears are a fun-loving married couple of more years than we care to share, ha! Our travels allow Wifey Bear (a vegetarian) and Hubby bear (a carnivore) the opportunity to explore the mysteries of this amazing planet while trying out new & exciting food! #biglove

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