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Aside from the fact the wine corkage jumped from $9.50 to $12.50 since our first 2014 visit to Paladarr Thai in January, our last 2 visits there (both in June 2014) have been brilliant! You can read about our January dining experience at Paladarr here 🙂

On this visit, we were lured out on a very cold, rainy, wintry Melbourne night with an email from the restaurant offering 40% off the meal if we dined that evening.  Since you’re reading this blog, it’s obvious what happened ;P
I started off with the Salad of Cashews & Macadamia Nuts ($15), which was full of crunchiness from the nuts, cucumber, ginger, and pineapple – a slivers of red chillis for good measure – all tossed in a sweet & salty light sauce. Yum-bo. The only drawback to this salad is that it gets pretty salty when you’re licking the bottom of the bowl trying to get all the little scragglers that run away from your cutlery….
Salad of Cashews & Macadamia Nuts

Hubby bear began his meal with the Salad of Finely Sliced Beef ($15), which was tossed in a zesty Issan marinade, chopped up spring onions, red onions, mint and coriander. Just as delicious as last time…

Salad of Finely Sliced Beef
Now, I can’t quite remember with Hubby Bear ordered for his main, and I think that’s because it may have been one of the specials, and given I don’t know what it was, I don’t know what the price was either! ha! From this photo, looks like he got scallops and fish pieces with a drizzle of curry-style sauce over top. He ate it all, so I think that’s a good sign it was yummy!
Scallop & Fish Special
Because there aren’t a whole lot of vegetarian options to choose from, I went with the Tumeric Curry ($29) again. And although that might sound bad at first, it’s an absolutely gorgeous curry to get stuck with! ha! The yellow curry is full of broccoli, zucchini, green beans, tofu, sweet potato and pumpkin. Love it each time I get it and it’s officially my favourite Thai curry now!
Vegetarian Tumeric Curry
Of course, we had Jasmine Rice ($3pp) and 2 serves of Roti Bread ($5 per serve) to accompany our mains: the perfect partners for mixing, dipping, and inhaling this sort of food with!
Jasmine Rice & Roti Bread (2 serves)
All in all, Paladarr ticks nearly all boxes for us; and we’re looking forward to heading there again…soon!!
Flavour:  ★★★ ✔

Quality:   ★★★ ✔

Service:   ✔
Value:    ★★

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