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Indian Tandoori

It is a sad, sad day when we come across an Indian restaurant we really don’t like. To make the matter worse, we stumbled upon this anomaly when we were on holiday in Bright; so happy holiday smiles were quickly turned upside-down 🙁

Dear Indian Tandoori, why did you do it?

Why did our “Traditional Indian Cuisine” hit the table in less than 10 minutes from when we ordered?  Why did the Alu Mutter ($14.95) and Navaratan Korma ($15.95) taste exactly the same, when one’s meant to taste of potato, peas, tomato and fenugreek (a very distinct and pronounced herb) while the other was supposed to be seasonal vegetables in a creamy nutty sauce? And why was that taste a little odd?

Oh, Indian Tandoori….why did all the vegetables in both curries go to mush the moment they were touched? And how come the potatoes were the same colour all the way in the inside as they were on the outside? How come no vegetable flavour could be discerned while actually eating the vegetable? Lastly, although edible, why did the Garlic Naans ($3.95/serve) have blue speckles on them?

Bowl of mush masquerading as Alu Mutter

Your hostess was nice enough, and we would have voiced some concerns to her, if we knew where she was for most of the evening. Since no answers were forthcoming, as we stared at each other in disbelief of what we were trying to eat, we could only surmise…

Garlic Naan with mysterious blue specks
(not sure you can see them, but they’re there!)

Based on the void of flavour, poor visuals and texture of the food – that you, Indian Tandoori, must have cooked our food a couple of weeks prior to us ever coming to Bright. And that it was defrosted in the microwave, then tossed around in the pan for sound effects, before being presented to us at the table.

This was supposed to be Navaratan Korma

By the time we got up to leave and pay the bill, we were in shell-shock and quite speechless.

We’re so sorry, we wanted to love you. But we just can’t recommend you to anyone.  I really hope you pick up your game; actually, you’re not even in the game, so let me re-phrase: I really hope you start playing the game and cook your food fresh for your customers. They deserve that at the very least.



Atmosphere: ★★☆☆

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