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For many months, Food Wine Friends was written down on our list of “try for breakfast or lunch” while in Bright (Victoria). While holidaying in the adorable little down, and on a particularly gorgeous & sunny afternoon, we decided to trek into the a cafe-wine-bar-hangout for a light lunch.

A quick glance around showed a quirky “put a bunch of mismatched stuff together” sort of setting. And although we could see a dozen or so bottles of wine hanging on the wall, it just didn’t feel like a wine bar. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, because the surroundings were quite comfortable, but in our opinion – it’s more a place to go for a coffee than a wine. Enough about that though, we weren’t going to have a glass or bottle anyway, let’s talk lunch!

Winter Mushroom Soup

On the path to our table, Hubby Bear saw another patron eating the special Winter Soup. With the lure of abundant mushrooms calling his name, he ended up ordering one for himself. It’s not enough to say he enjoyed the soup, he loved this soup!! For such a humble looking bowl of liquid and mushroom, it was completely packed with flavour.  High-fives FWF!

Autumn Salad

I ordered the Autumn Salad ($12.50), which was brilliant! Fried haloumi, sliced avocado, cranberries, fennel and cashew dukkah sprinkled on top. Delicious! Ate every single bit of it with a smile on my face! Even took a photo of the menu so I could replicate it at home – thanking you FWF!

Service was upbeat and prompt, food was fantastic, will definitely go again the next time we’re in Bright!

Flavour:  ★★

Quality:   ★★

Service:  ★★
Value:    ★★
Atmosphere: ★★☆☆

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The Two Bears are a fun-loving married couple of more years than we care to share, ha! Our travels allow Wifey Bear (a vegetarian) and Hubby bear (a carnivore) the opportunity to explore the mysteries of this amazing planet while trying out new & exciting food! #biglove

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