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Did I ever mention that my hubby is a keen investigator when we go on holidays? He loves to search out interesting things to do and more particularly, places to eat!

I think that’s one-part because I’m vegetarian and he wants to ensure I can get a good meal no matter where we go; while the second-part is hereditary – his father isn’t known as “Scoop” for nothing! ha!

Anyway, on this particular morning of our holidays, I noted a scribble called Coral Lee on hubby’s checklist of places to eat in Bright. Coral Lee, sounds interesting… jewelry store? Aquarium? What is it?

Upon further inquiry, he advised me that this ‘Coral Lee’ was a funky little breakfast spot that’s getting rave reviews on Urbanspoon. And they have really nice vegetarian options to boot.  Hoorah! Off to Coral Lee we go!

When we entered, we noticed big chunky wooden tables, mix-matched china, plastic sugar bowls from the 60s or 70s, weathered books books from the same era, pretty little flowers pushed into small milk bottles – it all added up to cute, quirky and fun.

We sat down and promptly ordered two flat white coffees, which were creamy and delicious – what a way to start a morning on holidays! We put our orders in and proceed to smile at each other as we listened to one of the lovely ladies from the kitchen (the proprietor, I suppose?) singing out and laughing while cooking our breakfast!

Flat white

Big Bear was totally roped int by the Herb Omelette ($16), which was smothered in bacon jam, then topped with a rocket salad, with a couple of pieces of toast sitting offside. He said the omelette itself didn’t have much flavour, but attributed that to the fact you’re meant to eat it with a bite-full of the bacon jam to boost it up, and rocket to add some crunch.  The plate was wiped (licked) clean, so all good in the Big-B hood!

Herb Omelette

My little breakfast bundle was delicious!  I got the Pesto Toast ($16), which comprised of two poached eggs snuggled in between a thick slice of toast and a mountain of beetroot – and a sprinkling of feta. Yes, yes, I think there was a teeny-weeny bit too much beetroot for the average person; but thankfully, I love beetroot so it was fine for my taste. The tangy pesto, the crunch of the toast, the warm eggs, the saltiness of the feta and sweetness of the beetroot – a great combination! Oh yum. I’d like some now thanks!

Pesto Toast

When you add comfy & funky decor, a good coffee, yummy food, and an upvibe atmosphere – you can only conclude one thing: a desire to return again!

Thumbs up Coral Lee, we’ll be back when we’re next in Bright!

Flavour:  ★★

Quality:   ★★

Service:  ★★
Value:    ★★
Atmosphere: ★★

Coral Lee on Urbanspoon

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