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4 of the 12 seats 😉

Sitting quietly across from Bunnings Eltham, nestled among the bric-a-brack and car servicing shops, inside the old sandwich place known as ‘Heidi’s Takeaway Food’, is the new Italian pizzeria – Belli e Ribelli.

Only a month old, there’s no proper signage up yet (Heidi’s name is still strewn across the top of the building); and the only things which alert a passerby of this 12- or so capacity eatery are (a) the hand written “Italian Pizza” signs and (b) the gawdy Christmas lights flashing in the window. Oh, and the iddy-biddy street sign tied to the light post.
It’s no secret how much we love D.O.C. Gastronomia (Carlton) and Noi Pizzeria (Preston), but with both being just a little too far to go on the spur of the moment, having a real Italian pizzeria closer to home has always been on our wish list. So, despite its awkward location and teeny size – we had to try Pizzeria Belli e Ribelli. It was duty calling.
We didn’t want to mess around, so first round saw Robert (young Italian bloke with a background in pizzerias back in his homeland of Italy, he decided to make Australia his home 2 years ago) making us a Large Capricciosa ($15) and a Small Contadina ($18) – well, it was a similar rendition to that pizza. I told Robert to just cook something good & vegetarian! BTW not sure how that pricing worked out, my veg small was dearer than Shawn’s meaty large, but who cares right!
Robert hard at work

We watched Robert knead & spread the fresh dough before grabbing the hunk of ham out of the cooler to slice fresh for Shawn’s Capricciosa, which also had: tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, olives, olive oil and oregano on its thin crispy base. After a few bites Shawn declares it’s easily the best Italian style pizza in the area!  Fresh toppings + tasty sauce + fresh dough = winner (especially at $15!).

My pizza dough was also spun out fresh – cooked thin & crisp – and was topped with tomato sauce, red onion, eggplant, roasted capsicum, mushrooms and cheese – I had to agree with my other half – yup, this was a great authentic Italian pizza.

Contadina (sorta)
When we awoke the next day, we weren’t sure if it was all a dream; so we ventured back the next night to see if it was real, or if it was – in fact – just a hallucination. No dreaming here, it was there, it was real! And we saw Robert inside, so we burst in for a second round: Large Rucola ($20) and Small Bufala ($22) thanks!
The Rucola just looked impressive as soon as it hit the table: that tasty thin base again with lovely tomato sauce, mozzarella, generous thin slices of prosciutto, fresh rocket and shavings of the tangy grana padano cheese. “Delicious! Better than the Capricciosa, and that was really really good!” Okay Robert, you’re 3 out of 3 now.
My Bufala took me aback a little as it wasn’t the traditional cooked pizza. It was a freshly cooked pizza base (soft & fluffy) with lots of rocket, fat slices of cool Bufala cheese sitting undernreath freshly sliced tomatoes. Brilliant! Different to what I expected but tasty and it ended all too soon! 4 out of 4, he’s in a roll here.
We then ordered a Small Pizzetta Nutella ($10) just to top it all off! Like the Bufala, it was different to what we expected (calzone style accompanied with strawberries or ice cream). It was a soft & tasty pizza base slathered with copious amounts of Nutella and one helluva generous sprinkling of icing sugar. Very tasty but very sweet, you’ll need some water for your mouth after this one!
Pizzetta Nutella
Don’t expect a hip fit out (or even much space!).  Don’t expect oil, chili, salt or pepper on your table. Don’t expect a typical thick based Aussie pizza. But what you can expect is truly great authentic Italian pizza from a guy who’s clearly doing something he loves.
If you’re in the Eltham area, head to Pizzeria Belli e Ribelli and get some good Italian pizzas under your belt!

Flavour:  ★★★★★ ✔

Quality:  ★★★★★ ✔

Service:  ★★★☆☆
Value:    ★★★★
Atmosphere: ☆☆

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