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So, these little pop-up restaurants are all the go at the moment. So after having tried The Church of Secular Coffee first, we moved onto the infamous Jimmy Grants.  It’s all about the souvlaki’s here, so hubby bear got the Mr Papadopoulos souva ($9.50) and I ordered the veg version, the Homer souva ($7.50).

Mr Papadopoulos Souva

After a bit of a karfuffal mix-up with orders, we finally got our two souvlaki’s, unwrapped and started munching. Between us and our friend, it was all “munch, yum, munch, ooh, munch, hmmm…”

The Papadopoulos was declared as officially the most “delicious” because the lamb was like that of a roast: big chunks of meat, full of moisture and flavour (as opposed to thin shavings from an anomalous hunk of meat rotating for days on end). The mustard aioli, onions, and parsley worked surprisingly well with the chips, too!

Homer Souva

My Homer souva was also tasty, the actual falafels were pretty standard, but the ‘Hellenic slaw’ was a yumbo and a great addition to the greek yoghurt slathered within.  And hands-down, the bread for both wraps was a great surprise: not that dried out crusty stuff, but fresh & fluffy… Yum!!

For the price and the quality, it’s worth a try my friends, worth a try 😉

Flavour:  ★★★ ✔ 

Quality:  ★★★ ✔

Service:  ★★★☆☆
Value:    ★★★ ✔

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