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Okay, so it’s just like any old suburban fish n’ chip shop. Single room, drink fridges, couple of benches, few magazines from 1997, worn out signage, and service so bare-bones that you want to check it for a pulse.

In saying all that, the Heidelberg Fish & Chip Shop have an advantage over the others (for us at least) because all their fish is grilled. And hubby Bear has been going there since the 80s or 90s (does it matter? It’s a long time ago folks!) and it’s still his favourite fish n’ chip shop, even though we don’t leave near it!

Fish Burger

You actually have to ask them if you want the thick batter & deep fry sort.  And given their fish is grilled, it means the flavour and quality has to be just that bit better, because you can really taste it (as opposed to only tasting crunchy oily batter)! And hubby Bear says these guys are the most consistent in dishing up good flavoured flake – who am I to argue?

Veg Burger

We lovingly refer to this place as The Cemetery Fish N’ Chip shop (because, you guessed it, it’s right next to a cemetery), and on our last visit we got our standard:  Flake (grilled with its extremely light batter), Fish Burger (that has deep fried flake in it), Vegetarian Burger, Potato Cakes and the Minimum of Chips. And at about $20 all up, it was good, as usual!

Potato Cake, Flake & Minimum of Chips

Although the photo doesn’t show it, the veg burger is pretty rock solid – has grilled & caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese, egg (which can be removed if you choose).  Hubby Bear loves his fish burger – it’s a whole piece of battered flake, folded in half and popped into a bun with all the extras.

Overall, these guys are pretty good, when you compare with their other suburban peers. Nothing flash, don’t expect a song & a dance. But you can expect a pretty rad serving of tasty fish and burgers (of any variety).

Flavour:  ★★★ ✔ 

Quality:  ★★★

Service:  ☆☆
Value:    ★★★ ✔

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