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Rimthang Thai Cafe seats maybe 30 people at max. Maybe. So it’s no surprise that its two owners (who are usually the chefs there) hit max capacity pretty quickly in this little eatery, especially if the phone is ringing off the hook for takeaway as well.   It’s important to note, this has never been the sort of rush in & rush out type of place. If you want home cooked style Thai food from people who care, sometimes you just have to wait that little bit longer for it.

Penang & Massaman … yummm….. 🙂

I must grant though, that more recently, the time between ordering and when the food hits your table (or gets handed to you over the counter for takeaway) has been unusually longer than in the past. But since we know a bit more about the reason why the cogs are moving slower for this little gem of a Thai restaurant – we’re pretty confident in saying that this slower service is merely temporary and will be rectified in a month or so… And it’s definitely not impacting the quality or flavour of their food.

On this visit, Shawn and I ordered the Vegetarian Massaman Curry – which had a gorgeous rich flavour (as usual) and was full of great fresh veggies. We also had the Vegetarian Penang Curry with green beans, baby corn, broccoli, cauliflower and slivers of kaffir lime leaves – truly delicious – and possibly a new favourite!  Of course we had steamed rice and roti which accented our lovely curries perfectly.

Hand over my heart, our food came out in what I’d call a very normal time from when we ordered – maybe 15 minutes max. But the quicker delivery didn’t speed up the pace at which we ate it…we wanted to savour each bite =)

From what I understand, Rimthang will be closed for a few weeks in March 2014, so make sure to ring ahead to ensure they’re open for your visit. By the latter part of March, they should be back and full steam ahead – so if you haven’t given them a shot by then – it’ll be high time you do.

Flavour:  ★★★ ✔

Quality:   ★★★ ✔

Value:    ★★ ✔

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