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Chips & Guacamole

One of the best things about catching up with friends is that you get – not only to see how they’re doing – but to eat! Especially when we get to try new restaurants, it’s double fun (like spearmint gum)! So in February, our pastry-chef-extraordinaire friend and his lovely partner picked Newmarket Hotel to meet up. I must admit, I get a little fearful when I see a gastropub claiming Latin American and Mexican food as their fare, but with Alex’s good opinion in hand, I thought no more about it and we trekked to St Kilda.

Weathered and beaten in appearance from the front, we got the feel this is going to be a trendy spot. Despite it’s downtrodden street appeal, that’s sooooo not the impression we were hit with when we stepped through the tall archways into a beer garden-like courtyard. As we progressed into the dining area, we stood under ultrahigh ceilings, and maneuvered through a totally chic interior. Complete refurb was done here folks, and done well!  This place has a mixture of  blasé and class: humorous touches like our water being poured from an old school coffee jug relaxed the atmosphere; the patterned rug reminiscent of something I’d seen in a 70’s bowling alley all says to the diner, “We can have a bit of fun here”.  In sum, it has a pretty rad feel to it 🙂

Short-rib Taco
What to eat, what to eat?  We sipped on a wide variety of alcoholic beverages and munched on some chips & guacamole ($13) while we indecisively perused what was on offer. Our table consisted of two carnivores and two herbivores and the menu easily catered for both. We all wanted to try so much that no clear decision was forthcoming; luckily our lovely server picked up on our plight and headed over, “Get the SoCal Spread!”  Stunned at such a simple solution, especially at the bargain price of $55 per person, we quickly acquiesce (but not until after Shawn got the negative answer to ‘You don’t serve up any offal do you?‘) and the food barrage began…


Blue Corn Tacos & Fish Tacos

They came out left-right-and center; our server just kept bringing food…and more food…and more food… until our bellies started to jut out passed our shirts. I literally cannot remember every single aspect of the 752 dishes it felt like we ate, so thank goodness our bill was itemized!  And I lost track of photos and eating… oh, no one could possibly expected me to take photos of all that, right!? Ha! But, I can honestly say, every dish that came out, both meat and veg, were delicious. They were sized perfectly to ensure we could continue eating until we nearly burst.


You ready? Okay, our So-Cal Spread consisted of: Fish Tacos, Shortrib Tacos, Blue Corn Tacos (veg), Quesadillas (veg), Corn, Chorizo, Tomato Tlayuda (veg), Veg Gnudi, Pork Ribs, Chook, Bravas, Mex Salad (veg) and then a Blood Orange cakey-thing.  That’s a helluvalotta food, folks!! The SoCal is the way to go!!

With the appetizer we ordered pre-SoCal and all our drinks – our bill came to $300 – so $75 per head, which I think is spectacular given the volume of food, drink & fun we had that night!  You know what we recommend…so hop to it!

Flavour:  ★★★ 

Quality:   ★★★ 

Service:  ★★★ 
Value:    ★★★ 
Atmosphere:  ✔

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