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Chopped Beef Burrito

How can you get a burrito this wrong?” were the words that came from Shawn’s mouth after he got stuck into Fonda Mexican‘s Chopped Beef Burrito ($15).  My eyes widen at his statement. Oh no…don’t tell me we just ordered $61 worth of ordinary. But the place looks so cute & trendy, there are people scattered about eating away….

Braised Pork Taco

Oh no. As far as Shawn’s concerned, we’re in foodie purgatory.  Firstly, his burrito had, what seemed to be, minced beef. Okay, maybe it wasn’t exactly minced, because after all the burrito was called “chopped beef” – but it was “chopped” to the point where it seemed like mince. Add to that, it apparently had z-e-r-o flavour. None. Nada. Zilch. But that’s just one piece of the gripe here. Despite the black beans, salsa, and cabbage all being visibly present….Shawn declared this burrito to “have no flavour whatsoever.” It seems none of the ingredients did anything for the other, or alone. They were devoid of flavour. Wow! That’s amazing! So, let’s put a fun & lighter spin on this: removing all flavour from something with so many components is a skill in and of itself! Whoever made that burrito: Bravo! You succeeded in making the World’s First Completely Tasteless Burrito!

Chickpea Ensalata

Shawn also had the Braised Pork Taco ($6) which was “good.” He just chewed, blinked, chewed, and looked at me. “Yup, just good. Nothing more.”  Sad Bear. Maybe the shock of the burrito stunned him, he just wasn’t the same after that….I think he even had nightmares about the burrito later that night.

I had the Chickpea Ensalata ($14) which was a salad full of roasted pumpkin, panela cheese, chickpeas (of course) and pico de gallo (salsa).  I must admit, it was pretty yummy; so I didn’t have the same ‘I’ve-been-tazered-speechless’ affect as Shawn did.  Yet, despite there being salsa on the top of the salad, I wasn’t sure where the Mexican part was. I stared at that salsa. I sniffed it. I tasted it. And although the other components of my salad were just fine, my salsa seemed devoid of that taste of Mexico you look for in dishes served up in a Mexican restaurant.

Eggplant Quesadilla

My second dish was the Eggplant Quesadilla ($14), which was cooked eggplant folded into a tomato sauce and cheese, with a green lime-salsa on the side. It lay somewhere in between Meh and Okay. To be honest, that particular dish wasn’t much better than anything I’ve had at Taco Bill (and you know, that’s not saying much).

Pineapple & Mint and Watermelon & Strawberry

The only saving grace for this whole experience was our drinks: Pineapple & Mint ($6) and Watermelon & Strawberry ($6).  Both were outstanding! The former was fresh and punchy with a tickle of fresh ginger. The latter was more subdued, but its hints of basil could be tasted among the watermelon and strawberry. Brilliant, I’d order those again any day!

So, go figure. The only things we really liked from Fonda were the two non-alcoholic drinks.  I know a lot of people love this place, I mean – just look at their Urbanspoon rating, votes and number of reviews. Perhaps we got them at a bad time? Maybe the cook was upset? Maybe Mexico left the building? Who knows…but based on the 4 dishes we tried….we’re not headed back any time soon….

Flavour:  ★★

Quality:   ★★★

Value:    ★★

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