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When you have a sign that says “Dosa Hunters Pop In” displayed in your window it’s obvious you’re talking to Two Bears And A Fork! Answering the call, we literally did a U-turn to check out Flavours, the latest addition to the mix of Indian eateries on this side of town. Sadly, they weren’t open at the time, so we took note of their name to look them up later…

You’re getting a bit of a 2-in-1 review here because we first tried Flavours on 2 January 2014. But I had a sniffling cold then, so we ordered take-away to avoid contaminating others. As I’m sure you’re aware, not being able to smell your food puts a big dampener on the taste. But, what I did taste was pretty good and I had Shawn there to help confirm my suspicions! ha!

Our takeaway consisted of Veg Samosas ($5/2 pcs), which were pretty standard, meaning good. We also had the Paneer Butter Masala ($10.90), which had morsels of fat paneer cubes hidden in the thick & rich tomato based sauce. The Aloo Gobi ($9.90) was seasoned with spices which gave the cauliflower and potatoes a lovely taste. The spicy heat from both curries made its way through the veil of my cold, and here again, Shawn was able to back me up and say they were both definitely on the spicy side. (Which isn’t a bad thing at all if you like a little kick!)

We also got two Garlic Naans ($2.50/ea), but cannot comment because the minute you put a naan in one of those silver-lined take-away bags, it steams all the crispiness and fluffiness out. They were okay, but I’m sure they would’ve been much better at the actual restaurant…

Okay, it’s a week later, I’ve conquered my cold and it’s time to give Flavours another try! Sitting at the very end of an older set of shops on Plenty Road, the restaurant itself is an odd mixture of ‘we want to be elegant‘ and cafe/takeaway. It’s really clean. Actually, it’s so clean that there’s no cutlery, glasses,

napkins, menus, flowers, decorations, or anything for that matter….anywhere!  So we sat mesmerized by the two crystal-like chandeliers fixed to the ceiling.

Thankfully we got snapped out of our trance pretty quickly when a nice young lady placed two menus in front of us, then darted away to get some water for our table.  We wanted to order from their specials (as advertised on the outside of the restaurant), yet we couldn’t find any mention of them inside, or in the menu, or anywhere.  So with a giggle, we got up and went outside to look at what we wanted!
A little stunned at what we had done, our server met us at the table when we came back in. We ordered the Masala Dosa (I can’t remember the price, but it was around that $10 to $12 mark I think). When the dosa came out, it looked huge, but it wasn’t huge, if you know what I mean. The savoury crepe style bread was large, but the filling inside wasn’t.  There was enough in there to fill about 1/3 of that large shell; the mixture was super nice – soft potato and spices – but given we were originally lured in with the dosa hunter sign, I’d be lying if I said we weren’t a little on the disappointed side. Not because it wasn’t good, but because it wasn’t great. Oh, and the dosa came with a sambal (which was pretty yum!) and a yogurt chutney.
Masala Dosa

I’d just like to say, for anyone who’s going to put up a big sign in your window calling out to dosa lovers, just make sure you’re going to deliver pretty freakin’ special dosas when those people arrive!

But let’s not forget we also had a Veg Thali ($8.90 – bargain price!!!) which included 2 vegetarian curries, a naan, rice, raita and pappadum. The curries were a chickpea curry and daal.  Out of the two, the daal was pretty good – we could taste fenugreek leaves in there which made it lovely! The chickpea curry was okay, the rice was fine, the yogurt okay. And yes, we got a second shot at the naan (as our first experience was takeaway remember) and it wasn’t the marvel we had hoped for, but at least it was….good.
Veg Thali Lunch

For us, Flavours fits squarely in the middle of good Indian food – with the added twist of being just that little bit spicier and a little bit cheaper. Overall, based on what we’ve had, we’d happily go back again and try more from the menu!

Flavour:  ★★★

Quality:   ★★★

Value:    ★★ ✔

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