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Tofu Salad

Life is made up of simple pleasures for us: reading, food and food adventures.  So you can imagine the excitement in my household when it’s time to peruse through the new Aged Good Food Guide or – even better – The Entertainment Guide because it’s got coupons! ha! We spend more time than I’m willing to admit publicly on comparing what’s in the AGFG and The Entertainment Guide to see where we can go next!

Anyhoo, a late Entertainment Guide entrant (so that means they’re not actually in the Entertainment Guide book itself), I received an email from the guide for Temple Thai offering the usual 25% off our meal. Well, well…grab your coat & cap honey, we’re off to eat us some Thai food tonight!

After being slightly befuddled at where the front door was (because on this side of the shops, they’re usually on the parking lot side – but Temple Thai’s front door is street side), we hopped into a nicely fitted out near-new restaurant. Clean and comfortable, tasteful decor and servers dressed in their lovely traditional outfits – all systems look good to go!

Beef Salad

We were seated at the far end of the dining area, cutting through a perfectly low hum of conversation going on between other diners as we passed by. You know the hum I’m talking about, the one that lets you know everyone in there’s pretty happy.

Shawn ordered the Yum Beef Salad ($15.80), while I got its meatless counterpart, the Yum Toa Fu Salad ($11.90).  Both dishes were based atop a couple of large lettuce leaves, shredded cabbage & carrot, red onion and mint. Then topped off with the usual slightly-spicy-slightly-sour-slightly-sweet-slightly-salty dressing. Both salads were delicious, and would have been near perfect if 2 things had happened to help the eating process:  larger dish and knife provided.  We were both juggling our little bits & pieces with a spoon and a fork – made especially difficult with the small plate and the fact the lettuce leaves were large and required cutting.  But what’s life without a challenge, right? Right!

Veg Stir Fry with Sweet Basil

Onto the mains! Shawn went veggie with me tonight and we got the Pud bai gapoa puk ($16.90), which is Stir Fried mixed vegetables with garlic, chili and sweet basil for those of you who don’t read Thai! ha! A little on the sweet side for my liking, overall this dish was pretty good. We both really liked the freshness of the ingredients – that little bit of crunch is always nice with veggies.

The other main was a curry – shock, right!? One of our all-time Thai faves, the Mussaman ($16.90). A totally smooth, rich curry cooked in coconut milk with sweet potato, onion, baby corn, carrot, cabbage, snow peas and some broccoli for good measure – hit the spot for sure! No real spicy heat, but just enough bold flavour to make us both happy. We both preferred this dish over the stir fry, but given it’s only a couple of ingredients away from being like an Indian curry, it’s no wonder ;P

Mussaman Curry (Veg)

I also had a glass of wine, Shawn a beer, and some steamed rice ($2.90/serve) and roti bread ($2.90/each) – so we were two very happy bears.  I think the bit about the night was when Shawn went to pay – the young lady serving him at the bar was eager to know if it was his first time there and what he thought. And when he presented the Entertainment Guide print out for the discount she was really pleased and obliging – willing us to come back again with a lovely smile and her sweet demeanor. (By the way, we saved a whopping $21 off our bill that night!)

Overall, the meal was pretty good – not the most outstanding Thai food we’ve ever had – but pretty darn good, especially when you add the comfortable atmosphere, reasonable prices and lovely service 🙂 I know there’s quite a few Thai places out there, but give Temple Thai a go – you won’t be disappointed!

Flavour:  ★★★

Quality:   ★★★

Value:    ★★★
Atmosphere: ★★★ ✔

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