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The Treasure Map to Food Goodness.

‘Twas Five nights before Christmas, when all thro’ Bears‘ house…

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

The Bears were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of D.O.C. Gastronomia Italiana Pizzas danc’d in their heads….

…Then they woke up, looked at each other and agreed…it’s time to head to Carlton for some serious Italian food!!

Shawn had read a few reviews in the papers and online about D.O.C. some time ago; and while searching for a car park during a previous jaunt on Lygon Street, we passed by the renovated corner pub now known as D.O.C.. We didn’t stop during that pass-by because the long queue was a bit off-putting…and we were hungry, no patience for waiting that day.

Pizza Capricciosa Nuova

But on this day, 4 days before Christmas, we decided…

We arrived relatively early (about 5 minutes before noon), the staff were just opening the doors and cleaning the outside tables as we arrived. Hallelujah, no line!! So without further ado, we plopped our hungry bear-behinds down on an outside table and waited happily for our server…who was busily preparing all the other outdoor tables for the growing number of hungry people arriving.

Our thickly Italian-accented server swiftly came to our table, laid down the menus, then rattled of the special – of which I heard none of because I was too distracted. I wasn’t focused on what he was saying because my excitement of being in pole position here was consuming me… That or the fact our server sort of looked like an Italian version of David Beckham, which I’m sure you can understand is distracting in and of itself.

Foccacia, so simple but so good!

Shawn ordered the Pizza Capricciosa Nuova ($20.90), of which I absolutely know was insanely good despite it having meat on it and never trying it myself. How? Because every single bite Shawn took was taken slowly, followed by a roll of the eyes, followed by an “mmmm”. Thin and crispy crust – yet doughy enough to sink your teeth into – was topped with San Marzano tomato, mozzarella, leg ham (that was freshly shaven from their selection of meats inside), mushroom, artichoke, and olive.  All of this has culminated in Shawn declaring this as absolute heaven!!

I took a different approach (perhaps it was because I was so thrown off and distracted by our server, ha ha!) and got the Foccacia ($8.50), which in all its simple glory was a sheer delight when combined with the gorgeous Caprese Salad ($16.00).

My Beloved Caprese Salad ♥

This was not your normal Caprese Salad. Nope, not the normal few slices of basic tomato and round slivers of mozzarella. This was The Salad of All Salads: Heirloom tomatoes, hand torn DOP buffalo mozzarella (it should truly be called O.M.G. bufallo mozzarella!!!!), black sea salt, and a dollop of pesto on one end of the platter and some balsamic glaze on the other.

Is it wrong to love a salad this much? To adore the buffalo mozzarella like it was a long lost friend?  If it is, I care not.  I tore off bits of my foccacia and enjoyed each slightly salty bite of pure bready-goodness with a mouthful of this amazing salad. ♥

Since then, Shawn and I both have been suffering from separation anxiety. We believe it’s sheer torture to be so far away from D.O.C….

Need we say more?

Flavour:  ★★★ ✔

Quality:   ★★★ ✔

Value:    ★★★ ✔
Atmosphere: ★★★ ✔

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