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Home Made Potato Cakes

I can’t really blog properly about this place because Shawn and I were already full from another meal when we passed by Theo’s Fish Bar.  But what grabbed our attention as we walked past their window was the “gluten free” advertising and – what seemed to be – an amazingly fresh & delicious selection of salads.  Not ones to pass up the opportunity to discover a new little eatery, we popped our heads inside.

We found ourselves in a very clean and slick looking fish & chip shop being run by a team of women (at least, we only saw women that day). There were a few patrons eating at the snug tables along the left wall, one lady appeared to have the fish, veggies and steamed rice dish, which looked delicious.

As a few of the older ladies managed the deep fryers and orders, a younger girl was taking the temperature of the fresh fish display. If any of them caught our eye, the immediately smiled.

Minimum of Chips

The level of care these ladies seemed to be putting into their business was really impressive, and although we’d already eaten…Shawn stepped up to the counter and ordered their home-made potato cakes and a minimum of chips.

The potato cakes were actually slices of potato, dipped into gluten free batter and were very light & crunchy. Although totally different to the standard mushy frozen potato cake we’re all so familiar with, we both liked the change.  The chips were also light & crunchy, apparently a result of the type of oil they use to fry them in.

So, although I can’t vouch for their fish, burgers or salads … the place made enough of an impression on us – from the cleanliness, friendliness and healthy meal options – to try more from their menu!

Flavour:  ★★

Quality:   ★★ ✔

Service:   ✔
Value:    ★★

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