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The Classic Potato Masala Dosa

By the time you read this….Overdosa will probably have moved locations. Sharing a warehouse space with another occupant, this little ‘pop up’ restaurant was no more than collapsible tables and a few squat chairs. But after reading the unbelievable reviews of how amazing their dosas were, Shawn and I felt it our absolute duty – our responsibility – to see if all this fanfare was true.

After all, our travels have allowed us to have eaten at (a minimum) 50 Indian restaurants around Australia and the rest of the world, and trust me, we’ve had some incredible Dosas along the way. So, we could not just stand by as others cried “Best Dosas!” … we had to verify and fast. So in the car we hop, down to Fitzroy we go.

After circling the block for about 10 minutes looking for the most elusive car spot on the planet, we finally find a park near Rose Street and see the pop-up eatery’s sign sitting on the road.  We pick up the pace and find ourselves looking at an interesting combination: a warehouse with exposed bricks, bikes strewn everywhere, and a little “hut” down the back with a couple of guys flipping dosas like it’s going out of style. Not to mention, a lovely young lady taking orders to keep the flow going.

It was lightly raining outside so the foot traffic to Overdosa was light, we arrived just at the right time. We were able to snag a little “table” and Shawn went up to order.  In our experience, the best way to assess how much you like (or dislike) a type of food you’ve had before (and loved), is to order that same thing to compare it against. Having eaten many, many, many Masala Dosas in our time, Shawn decided to try their Classic Potato Masala.

We sat and waited for it to be prepared and watched as some staff (who popped out of nowhere) brought in a fair sized delivery of pre-made dosa mix in tubs. We watched them scoot by and eventually our food arrived in front of us (fancy that, table service!), thanks to the lovely young lass who took our order.

Accompanied with a mint chutney and a whole lot of shredded carrot – Shawn and I ceremoniously dip into the dosa. Then again. And again. We munch, we combined it with one of the sides, then the other, then both. As we chewed we were thinking…”Hmmm, it’s okay but this little sucker definitely doesn’t constitute the word best next to its name.” The potato filling was spiced to what I’d say a good standard. The dosa itself was pretty rockin’ – soft yet crisp – like it should be. The chutney was…okay. The pile of shredded carrot was also okay if you combined it with everything else.

Don’t get me wrong, the dosa was good but I can guarantee you – if you liked that dosa for $9 (despite sitting in a sad looking bike repair shop while semi-squatting over a little table), then you’ll absolutely die and go to heaven if you try Ajantha‘s (South Morang), Machan‘s (Eltham), or Coconut Lagoon (Heidelberg) – in that exact order of excellence.  Ajantha only prepares dosas when it’s quiet (so, that’s weeknights) and Machan only does theirs during their Sunday lunch. I’m not sure if it’s a mainstay on the menu at all times for Coconut Lagoon, so best to give them a call before you head there.

All in all, Overdosa was good, but not nowhere near great, at least not based on the flavous of we had that day. Definitely not worth trekking down again for us when there are three amazing places nearby, who serve up mega dosas for only a few dollars more.  But if you want to give a quirky little pop-up Indian eatery a try, then by all means head over to Overdosa…that’s if they’re still there!

Flavour:  ★★

Quality:   ★★

Value:    ★★

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