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Now, I must add a disclaimer on this review: I am half Vietnamese and I cook my own Vietnamese food – so keep that in mind while reading 😉

Rice Paper Rolls

We’ve been going to Linh Linh 2 Vietnamese Restaurant since it opened and they’re a pretty good pick when looking at the price, quality and quantity combined. I don’t mention atmosphere because, typical of most Vietnamese eateries, let’s say the decor is ‘minimalistic’, ‘old school’ and in need of some love. And the service is similar to the decor 😉  But where they lack in decor/service, they make up in taste and selection.

As if the menu wasn’t big enough, a large variety of specials adorn the walls in the form handwriting on large colour cardboard signs. Mixing a bit of Chinese fare with Vietnamese, whether you’re a meat eater or a vegetarian, you’ll find quite a lot to fill your belly here.

Fried Dim Sims

I ordered the Vegetarian Rice Paper Rolls (4pcs/sorry, I forgot to keep the receipt, so no pricing on this blog today!) which were good. Although a few token pieces were included, the rolls definitely lacked in the herbs category (basil, coriander, chives, and mint – which make or break a good rice paper roll). They were just good enough to eat and be happy with; but I must admit, I was further disappointed that no nuc mam or lettuce leaves were brought out, and I was served up peanut sauce instead.

Basil Beef & Fried Rice

Shawn had the Fried Dim Sims (4pcs) and he said they looked and tasted home made – so that’s always a plus.  Being hungrier than myself, Shawn ordered a special off the wall, Sizzling Basil Beef and then a menu standard of Special Fried Rice.  From my perspective, it seems Linh Linh’s getting skimpy on the herbs, because Shawn hardly tasted any basil and could only discern a few pieces of it in the dish. Mind you, we both know herbs are harder to find in a cooked dish because they wilt, but regardless, the basil flavour was truly missing.  Again, both dishes were just good enough to eat and be happy with.

Rice Vermicelli

Being one of my favourite home-made dishes, I ordered the Rice Vermicelli Noodles with Vegetable Spring Rolls.  Again, let me stress, being Vietnamese and able to cook this dish to my own liking, it makes it harder to give a fair assessment – but I will try!!  It was a light bowl of goodness with chopped up Veg spring rolls, sliced cucumbers, and chopped nuts, but (again!!) missing the fresh herbs that ‘make’ it a true Vietnamese dish. With only a few token pieces added in, I was only eating a fraction of what this dish was supposed to be

In saying all that though – Linh Linh 2 is a long-time favourite amongst my circle of family & friends. Why? Because it’s great place to meet up (it’s a big space so large parties can be easily accommodated) for an affordable and good meal.  Not the best meal of your life, but definitely nowhere near the worst either.  The portions are good and the prices are good – and they’re consistent – and I can say that honestly because we’ve been going there for the past decade 🙂

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