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Veg Spring Rolls
Dim Sims

Our trusty Entertainment Guide originally led us to Sira Thai last year, and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal then. So upon seeing their discount voucher in the 2013/2014 book, it was a no-brainer.

But this time, we took our good friend Alex (of Mr. Hive’s dessert bar fame!) with us! Situated in a nondescript set of shops in Kew, you’d shoot straight past Sira Thai if you weren’t looking for it. We locate Alex near the front door and walk in to the dimly lit, long dining room.

We think one of our server’s was the owner or manager, who was incredibly friendly and obliging. While the other was nothing short of adorable, ready to help and smiling and nodding and smiling and nodding… this is going to be a fun night!

Veg Tom Yum Soup
Beef Salad

So, in amongst talking about some of the more important things in life (music, monsters, and food), we managed to order – after a few false starts. Sorry Sira…when we start talking….

We ordered the Vegetarian Spring Rolls ($7.50) and Fried Dim Sims ($8.00) as our nibbly entrees. The spring rolls were pretty standard; and the dim sims didn’t look like dim sims, but both Shawn and Alex mentioned that although the flavours were different, they were good.)

Next, Shawn took on the Beef Salad ($19.50) while Alex tackled its near-twin the Duck Salad ($22) and I dove head-first into a delightful little bowl of Tom Yum Vegies ($7.00).  Talk of music was interspersed with “oohs” and “aahs” of both salads being refreshing – sweet, salty, crunchy, savory – they impressed both the gentlemen at my table.  My soup was wonderfully tart from the spices and lemongrass, with just the right hint of heat rising up from the back of my throat after each mouthful.

Duck Salad
Massaman Curry

We move onto talk of scary sea creatures such as the humboldt squid, and the mains arrive. No squid here thank goodness.  Alex got the Massaman Curry Beef ($18.50), Shawn had the Green Curry Beef ($18.50) and I munched on a Red Curry Tofu ($16).  Clearly, we were all in a curry mood! Each one was bold in flavour, slightly different, so we shared in the dipping with our Roti Bread ($4/each serve) and Peanut Sauce ($1.50/each).  I must say, I think it’s weird to charge for peanut sauce…but that’s just my 2-cents on the matter.

Green Curry Beef
Roti & Peanut Sauce

Of course, we had Steamed Rice ($3/each serve) and washed all the delicious flavours down with a Pinot Gris ($32/bottle).  Not sure which Pinot we actually got, the one we ordered wasn’t available, and although we were shown and tasted the replacement bottle…I can’t remember its name. Oh well…

Red Curry Tofu

How on earth Shawn and Alex found the room to eat dessert, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because Alex is the dessert king, they mustered up the strength for a final course… They both ordered the Custard Pancake with Ice Cream ($7/each) and what arrived on the table was very different to what they were expecting. I think they both forgot we’re in a Thai restaurant, so it’s not likely their pancakes would be of the traditional type.  The custard was like a rice pudding type thing…they both raised their eyebrows, poked and prodded at their lovely plates of sweets. Then in defeat, just jumped in and ate it all.  They somehow pushed down a Flat White Coffee ($3.50/each), too.  I just sat with a pot of Peppermint Tea ($3/pot) in amazement of the incredible eating machines in front of me…!!!

Custard Pancakes

Sira Thai is a lovely restaurant, and probably one of the better in terms of quality and decor that we’ve been to in quite some time.  If you’re ever in the area, I’d recommend you give them a try!

P.S. We got a whopping $35 off our bill with our Entertainment Guide coupon – was like getting the bottle of wine for free! Woop! Woop!!

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