Enoteca Sileno | Carlton North

2011 Russolo ‘Ronco Calaj’ Pinot Grigio

We had the pleasure of catching up with beautiful friends (three other couples to be exact) earlier this month for a special lady’s birthday 🙂 We met up at Enoteca Sileno, an Italian restaurant referred to the party by a long-time friend…

Aside from being distracted by our wonderful group of friends, we did notice the restaurant itself was really comfortable and inviting.  Situated in an old corner hotel in Carlton North, you enter through their bottle shop which is chocked full of wines. As you work your way closer into the dining area, the warm atmosphere starts to envelope you.

Okay, so the massive wall of wines behind us might not be considered an attribute of coziness. But the friendly service and glowing fireplace…ahhh, there we go….

Croxetti Pasta

Shawn’s friend, the husband of birthday girl, took the liberty of ordering the drinks and food. Which was amazing because his taste in wine is impeccable, as well as the pairing with nibbles.  I unfortunately didn’t get to snap shots of the entrees or any other plates of food other than our own… it’s hard to tell (stop) hungry people with “Oh before you eat, can you just wait, I’ll move the plate over here so I can take a photo…”

Despite my inability to snap photos, the table did share in char-grilled octopus, warm olives, fried broccoli, antipasto platter and much, much more. Each serving was generous and delicious – I don’t think anything went back to the kitchen.

Potato Gnocchi with Veal

The wine…oh goodness, the wine. I think I might have to declare this one the best I’ve ever had! The bottle of 2011 Russolo ‘Ronco Calaj’ Pinot Grigio ($32) was incredible. Smooth, went down way too easily and way too quickly!! Beautiful.

Shawn had the handmade Potato Gnocchi with Veal and Porcini Ragu ($26) and I had the Handmade Croxetti Pasta with Pesto Genovese, Potato and Green Beans ($24).  Shawn kept raving about the freshness of the gnocchi and flavours of the sauce. My pasta was delicious and injected with garlic like it was going out of style! Thankfully though, I love garlic, and I’m married…to the guy eating the gnocchi, so it’s all good.

Overall, our first impressions = excellent. We must go again!

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