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Chef Alex Falcon

We are so lucky to have a friend in a pastry chef. Or would that be a pastry chef in a friend? Either way, Chef Alex treated us to the most sumptuous desserts ever to be had at Mr. Hive Kitchen & Bar.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Hive’s atmosphere is spectacular. Super high ceilings, low lighting, candles, music playing in the background. Yet to our surprise, this place is tucked away in a lesser known area of Crown (down the Galactic Circus side). Anyhoo, we got seated at a lovely table first…but when the hostess realized we were there for the “give-me-a-tooth-filling-now-because-I’m-getting-the-pastry-chef’s-specialty-tonight” menu, she promptly took us over to The Dessert Bar.

White choc with basil!

Yup, The Dessert Bar. It’s a spot for special people who need nothing more than sugar, chocolate and more sugar.  It’s also one of the designated workspaces for our friend Alex! If you ever dreamed of diving into a sweet 5-course degustation pool, where flavours collide as your belly aches (yet you continue to eat more despite what your body is telling you!)….this will make you green with envy!

Buttermilk & Rosemay Panacotta

Alex commenced this sweet adventure with – what Shawn and I both consider – the shining star of the night: a White chocolate, mango, basil coconut starter. BASIL! Yeah, you read correctly! Basil doesn’t normally go with white chocolate, mango, and coconut…We know it sounds strange, but trust us, it totally works! It’s brilliant…oh, I miss it already….

So, he’s started off strong, will Alex be able to live up to 4 more amazing courses? Yup! He came through with a little diddy of Buttermilk and Rosemary panacotta, blood orange and madelaine. Aside from the crushed blood orange ice freezing my teeth…it was again beautifully executed, tasted fresh and it was gone all too soon.

The Choc Bar – isn’t it pretty!?

Two out of two. Let’s see what #3 is like….The Choc Bar. Oh yeah, that’s a chocolate bar for sure! While we munched, Alex was mentioning something about some high grade chocolate, with some percentage of cocoa, it was probably really interesting & important, but I couldn’t hear anything he said because I was too busy crunching away! ha! Gorgeous dish, but a little bit too sweet for my taste, but hey – that’s why there were 2 of us there to share – so we polished it off without a second thought!

The World’s Best Sticky Date Pudding

At this stage in the game, Chef Alex is looking like he’s hitting all home runs. Course four gets whipped up in front of us – pretending to be a Sticky Date Pudding. Yeah right, that’s no ordinary sticky date pudding! That was beyond sticky date pudding!! Hands-down the best we’ve ever had….can it get any better?? Oh Yes…it does.

Because Alex just had to finish things off right, he serves up adorable Chocolate Milkshakes in cute old school mini-milk bottles. Our stomachs were aching and absolutely full…but we soldiered on and drank up!!  He then gave us little paper goodie bags filled with classic, hand-made treats to take home…just as proof we didn’t dream all this when we wake up the next morning!


Okay, now that I’ve made you completely jealous…I’m really sad to inform you Alex is no longer at Mr. Hive!! Even though Mr. Hive still dishes up this amazing dessert degustation…if you’re looking for Alex, tip-toe down to Number 8 in Crown…you’ll find him there. He’s worth searching out. And when you find him, let him know The Condor sent you 🙂

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