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Veg Samosas & Onion Bhaji

I know this will shock you…we had Indian. Yes, for the sixth-millionth-time (I think we’ve now been to well over 50 different Indian restaurants!) we experienced that lovely, flavorsome food!  Mint Leaf Indian Restaurant is tucked away in the back streets of Heidelberg (I know that doesn’t sound very tempting, but they’re only just around the corner from the bus terminal/train station).

We’ve eaten here quite a few times and their food is really consistent – which is a trait to be much admired when dealing with food! As for ambiance, don’t expect a glorious fit-out, just your standard moderately decorated seating area and white table clothes. As for service, you’ll get just what you expect from most eateries of this type – casual service, a bit of racing around, but a lot of smiling and courtesy.

L-R: Paneer Butter Masala, Aloo Gobi & Rice

We ordered the Vegetable Samosas (2pcs/$5.50) which had an absolutely lovely filling that was still moist – signs of being freshly cooked!  We also had the very tasty Onion Bhaji (2pcs/$6.00) which are sort of like mangled up onion rings, Indian-style! Unlike some others we’ve had, these onion bhaji weren’t overcooked and dried out, they were crunchy and the onion inside was perfect! 🙂

Shawn waved the Vegetarian Flag with me tonight, and we got Aloo Gobi ($11) – a spicy dish centered around potatoes and cauliflower – and the Paneer Butter Masala ($11), which is the closest menu item they have to Paneer Makhani (my fave!). The butter masala isn’t as creamy as the Makhani, but it’s just as nice – little bits of tomato and huge chunks of paneer. These dishes work really well together.

Garlic Naan

We had a serve of saffron rice ($3) and 2 garlic naan breads ($3/pc) to mix and dip our curries in.  Everything was cooked well and tasted great….can’t ask for much more! And when the bill only came to about $40 – score! It got that little bit better!!  Every time we’ve been to Mint Leaf, they’ve served up consistently good Indian food. I’d highly recommend you give them a try!

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