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We often drive into Melbourne with no purpose other than walking around to view the beautiful scenery…and to sniff out a new place to eat! And the fact we carry Entertainment Guide coupons with us often helps us in the decision making process of where to grab some grub! 🙂  Today was a lovely sunny day in Southbank, so we thought we’d put our little coupon to use at La Camera.

Nice & decent sized dining rooms – indoor & outdoor. Nothing fancy, cafe style seating, but comfortable. Lots of people here and there, servers swishing past with plates of food and chattering with accents from around the globe.  Feels like Melbourne….so we decided to sit outside on their balcony. 🙂

Garlic & Herb Pizza

I order a Chardonnay, Shawn a beer (we getting predictable yet? LOL!) and a small Garlic & Heb Pizza with Cheese ($9.50). Our entree comes out and it’s definitely small, but definitely yummy. I know they have a business to run (and they need to make money!), but an additional $3 to add cheese to this little sucker seemed a little much, but hey – we ate it and it was good – so let’s not dwell on the past! 😉

Spaghetti Carretiera

Shawn and I went around in circles with what to order, so much of the menu read so well! In the end, we both decide to get pastas. Shawn surprises and goes veg today with the Spaghetti Carretiera ($17.90). It was absolutely delicious with its garlic, chilli oil, fresh basil, diced tomato and extra virgin olive oil. We don’t normally say anything about portion sizes, but I must admit, it was a little on the small side…but perhaps we were hungrier than normal?

My Penne Pesto Thingy!

I can’t remember the name of the dish I got, but it was a Penne Pesto of sorts, with fresh tomato. Tasty but it definitely needed salt (of which I added, don’t you worry!), but other than that was pretty good. Yes, again, it was also a bit small in my opinion.

Let’s get this clear…we weren’t expecting ridiculously huge portions, nor were we expecting a super cheap price (ala La Porchetta), but I think La Camera is just a little off with their price per portion size – at least for our first visit. Especially if you compare the price/portions of other cafe style restaurants (see Emporio della Pasta) in the area. Simply add another couple of scoops of pasta to that dish – and keep the price where it’s at – and you’ll be spot on!

Overall, La Camera was good. A decent place to stumble into if you’re down in Southbank and have a (little) hankering for some yummy food!

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