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Vegetarian SP ($15 regular)

Who doesn’t like pizza?  If you raised your hand, then please check your pulse because I think something must be wrong! ha! 🙂  In a town full of pizza shops, pretty much every place has the same-same. No surprises and definitely nothing new. Maybe one place has some cheese-stuffed crust, while another has spaghetti as a topping, but in all honesty – it’s not very exciting.

But Swedish Pizza, now there’s definitely something new! As you’ve might have seen from a previous post of ours about Swedish Pizza, we really like this little place. There’s some of those classic pizza standards on the menu, but it’s their complete uniqueness, combined with great tasting pizzas, that keep us coming back!

Kebab & Kebab SP ($15 regular)

We met up with some friends this time, who were very intrigued by the name of the place and 4 pizzas were finally ordered…after much chatting and debate on which new taste to try.

I ordered the Vegetarian SP ($15 regular), with paprika, artichoke, olives, onions and jalepenos. It was supposed to come with champignons, but opted those suckers out.  As mentioned in our previous post, these pizzas are huge, so a ‘regular’ is like a large – and definitely plenty of food for a hungry bear. I happily devoured this special pizza – full of flavour and wonderful hits of heat from the paprika and jalepenos.

The Stockholm ($15 regular)

Shawn ended up with a half & half. Half of the normal Kebab and then other other half was the Kebab SP ($15 regular). So his pizza was topped with the standard kebab, onion, green pepper and kebab sauce. And the SP side had all those toppings plus champignons, paprika and bernaise sauce. He thoroughly enjoyed both sides…until they were completely gone!

Our foodie & chef friend Alex ordered The Stockholm ($15 regular) which was sprinkled with marinated beef fillet, champignons, onion and garlic. He had nothing but good comments to make about his pizza choice…and it quickly disappeared, too!

Boat Pizza ($15 regular)

After much cajoling with Rhiannon about the name of the pizza she selected, the Boat pizza ($15 regular), hers arrived with marinated beef fillet, champignons, onion and kebab sauce. She remarked it was really good and a great choice, even though I annoyed her constantly throughout her meal by saying “I sunk your battleship” a million times!

All in all, another great evening at Swedish Pizza. With half a dozen pizzas tested now, we can safely recommend anyone give these guys a try — you will be extremely pleased with the taste, quality and price!

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