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Swedish Pizza

I know, it seems sort of odd to use the words “Swedish” and “Pizza” in the same sentence. But let me assure you that this new pizza eatery in Templestowe will make you wish you’d learned the phrase long ago.

We’ve passed by this little restaurant many times and Shawn would always say, “We need to give that place a go. I’m intrigued!” And finally, it happened last week, and we’re now honestly fans of Swedish Pizza!

Opened only 8 months ago by two eager-to-please, humble brothers (in-law), Swedish Pizza’s goal is to bring real Swedish-style pizza to Melbourne. It’s been a labour of love for brother chef, with his 15 years experience making Swedish pizzas in his own shop back in Sweden. He’s spent countless hours sourcing the right cheese, the right salami, and all the other correct ingredients here in Australia to maintain authenticity.

Swedish Pizza

First, let me clarify that – at the core – this is pizza we’re talking about. The Swedish version of pizza. The bases are thinner, yet much, much larger than standard Aussie pizza sizes. Their “Regular” is really a “Large” while their “Family” sized pizza should probably go under the name “Gigantic.”

Their toppings, although used sparingly, are packed full of flavour. There’s no need to overload a pizza with toppings when you use high quality and delicious ingredients. People forget that sometimes less is more; remember, these pizzas are bordering on gourmet.  And while I’m talking about toppings, let me say it didn’t go unnoticed how nicely they were all arranged, clearly done by a very proud chef.

Mexikana (Regular)

Shawn ordered a regular Mexikana (Mexican $15), topped with marinated beef, brilliant “sucuk” salami, onion and green chili peppers. This pizza is now officially Shawn’s favourite. The salami had intense flavour and the cheese was slightly stronger than what you’d get on other pizzas. Shawn was in heaven. He’s been looking for a spicy, hot & bold flavour pizza for ages now, and we know his mates will be keen to learn about this discovery! The only possible negative comes from an over-indulgence aspect because Shawn ate the entire thing in one sitting. And that was a big, big pizza!!

I always like to get the Margherita ($11.00) whenever I first try a new pizza place. My thinking is, if they can make their basic pizza taste good, then there’s hope for the rest. When my humongous “regular” was delivered to the table, it looked and tasted beautiful – and with it came a crunchy Swedish salad (sort of like coleslaw) that I spooned onto each slice. Just lovely.  I think that salad comes with each pizza order by the way.

Margherita (Regular)

Overall, there’s a fantastic mixture of classic pizzas, as well as authentic Swedish ones, on this massive menu to satisfy everyone in your party. Remember, you don’t have to go full throttle and try a completely authentic Swedish pizza to start, maybe give a more familiar one a go and see how you like the subtle differences.

This little pizza eatery is also licensed – so muster up the courage to try something new. It will be delicious and you will be happy. Trust us, give them a go. 🙂

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