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Sakura Japanese Sushi Bar

Shawn and I were a bit surprised when we couldn’t check-in at Sakura Japanese Sushi Bar with Urbanspoon when we lunched there last week! I could swear we’ve been going to this little sushi place for 10 years or so…and no Urbanspoon page? Well, that’s getting sorted out right now buddy!

Let me start off by reminding you that Melbourne foodies have never judged a book by its cover, which is why we bother to suggest this place. Like other Melbournians, we enjoy finding the rare and obscure eateries, and will venture in even if its appearance (or lack there of!) goes against all better judgement. You could say, we take this kind of risk in the name of good food.

Sushi made to order!

Okay, moving on. I’m sure you’ve eaten at one of those sushi places in the shopping malls, where you’ll occasionally get the “hard rice and dry filling” roll because – out of desperation – you’re hungry and only have a couple of gold coins on you. But let me stand my ground and say Sakura isn’t one of those places. You get freshly made sushi and that’s worth the trek to the suburban shops they’re hidden in!

So, the shop front is nothing to look at. The very small dining area is also nothing to look at. But during our brief wait while our food was prepared, we watched a regular stream of people arrive to either order takeaway or dine in. 

Salmon, Cooked Tuna, Avocado

We ordered a small variety of handrolls: Fresh Salmon, Cooked Tuna, Avocado, Cucumber, Vegetarian and a couple of plain Inari. Each were $2.50 a piece and my plain inari was $1.50.

Inari, Cucumber, Avocado, Vegetarian

As we happily munched, we casually commented on how fresh the rice was, and how nice the ingredients were.

After a few more mouthfuls of yummy sushi, we sat in in awe of the amount of people who continued to waltz in. Clearly, the locals know this is a little treasure!

Bellies now full, we sat back and watched the casually dressed chefs running around, taking orders, making sushi, and waiting on tables. 

It was at this point, well after we’d eaten, when we noticed there’s no pre-made sushi anywhere!

Each person who ordered had to wait (only a few minutes, mind you) while their sushi was made especially for them.

You may think, “so what?” and I say in response to that: In a day & age where many businesses cut corners for the sake of cost and rapidity, I think it’s super nice to see a small business like this kicking it old school, and making their food to order. They clearly take pride in the food they make – otherwise, they’d just pre-pack like every other sushi place. Keep up the good work Sakura!!

Sakura Japanese Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon

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