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For those of you who haven’t read my previous blog about Rimthang, make sure to check it out here and then you’ll understand why Shawn and I love this little place enough to keep going back!

Pad Cashew Nut & Red Curry (both Vegetarian)

Last week we thought we’d grab some takeaway for an easy dinner, and phoned in an order for the vegetarian Gang Dang (Red Curry – $9.90) and the Pad Med Ma-Muang Himapan (Pad Cashew Nut – $9.90) vegetarian style as well.

We put on our rice cooker, then headed out to Rimthang to pick up our food. The Pad Cashew Nut stir fry was full of all good things: bamboo shoots, onions, dry chili, capsicum, broccoli, cauliflower and tofu! The seasoning was slightly spicy and just a little bit sweet – perfect!

The Red Curry stole the show though! Absolutely beautiful and rich in flavour. Bits of tofu, sweet potato and green beans floated around the thick and creamy sauce, and were topped off with just the right amount of chili! And when we say right amount of chili, we mean you taste the flavour of the curry while you’re eating, not the chili. Only after you swallow that yummy mouthful does the heat rise up a little bit at the back of your throat. We believe adding that ideal amount of heat without losing flavour can only be crafted by a true food artisan! Momma & Daughter Rimthang’s skills shine again!!

If you haven’t eaten at this lovely family-owned eatery yet, then put it on your to-do list! Trust us, you’ll be happy you did!

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