Mehek Indian Restaurant | Greensborough

It’s a pokey little restaurant, with about 6 or so tables, and not having tested the waters here for many years, we decided on takeaway at Mehek Indian Restaurant.

As we often do when ordering Asian takeaway, we put our rice cooker on, ordered the food, then went along our merry way to pick up our dinner.

Aloo Gobhi (L) and Mutter Paneer (R)

There’s no genteel way of serving up Indian curries – which are packed to the brim in a takeaway container – so please forgive the somewhat sloppiness of my dish pictured here.

The bold flavour from the Mutter Paneer ($11.50) surprised me: a sharp tomato bite contrasted the curry’s creaminess. Peas and chunks of paneer cheese popped up every now and then like little jack-in-the-boxes, making this altogether a very lovely dish.

We believe Aloo Gobhi ($11.50) is a great indicator of how good an Indian chef is at creating vegetarian meals, and this serving didn’t disappoint. Just the right amount of potato pieces and yummy mouthfuls of cauliflower played around in this semi-dry, yet spicy curry. Other than a bit of excess oil floating around, it was spot on.

Garlic Naan

The only let down were the garlic naans ($2.50/ea), but let me qualify this statement by saying they were okay and we ate them (how could we not?). It just appears to us, these weren’t fresh naans. We think they might be premade, frozen, then microwaved before tossed into a hot oven when ordered. Why do we think that? Because they were chewy and lacked any crunch – a clear sign they’re not freshly made. And that makes a big difference.

Aside from needing a little spruce up with the decor (not sure what that plastic snake of lights in the window is supposed to do for the dining experience), at least Mehek is good…and better yet, consistently good. So, whether you eat in or order takeway, give them a try. What the mehek, right? 😛

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