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Miss Marie’s: Blink, and you’ll drive right by it

A big shout out to Urbanspoonite Jonathan Sciola, who’s reviews of Miss Marie prompted Shawn and I trek there this morning.

And trek we did. We’d driven past Miss Marie‘s a few times, but never took any notice of it, being nestled in between an opp shop and some other suburban fitout.  Miss Marie’s shop front doesn’t scream “Here I am! The best coffee ever!”, which in my opinion, makes it all the more Melbourne. We Melbourne foodies love the hunt, stick the best places under a rock, in some secret location and we’ll find it. In saying that, I suppose Miss Marie’s was an easy target to find, given there’s not a lot else in the area to throw you off the scent.

What other menu is there?

After assessing the window to see if they took cash or credit (of which it seems they only take the former) we pulled a $20 out of the Westpac up the street, then gingerly proceeded back to Miss Marie’s.

Once inside, it was clear this is a favourite spot for locals. Nearly every table was full of people eating, sipping coffee, and organizing their diaries. The cafe was constantly circled by a rather quiet set of young servers. Nothing wrong here, just expected a little spunk from the kids, that’s all. But, the service is what you’d expect from a cafe: quick & satisfactory.

Now, since Jonathan on Urbanspoon raved so much about the coffee, we just went for the jugular.

Bring it on!

No food. Just coffee, thanks. Take away this menu of food, we want that man behind the coffee machine to rock our world.

One Costa Rican flat white, and one House Blend “Dark Horse” flat white – thank you.

The Costa Rican did indeed have that touch of toasted toffee nut, bold and beautiful. It’s almost good enough to write a whole review about it. But I won’t, because Shawn would shoot me as he had the House Blend and loved it as much as I loved mine.

Perfect flat whites

Dark Horse, you lovely cup of coffee with your hints of dark cocoa and floral notes. Full body – yes. Don’t sugar this baby, it’s all good on its own.

Bravo barista – a flat white with the right balance of heat, milk & flavour. You have made all things good again in the northern suburbs! And at only $7 to boot! 

We’d easily rank Miss Marie’s up there with Melbourne’s finest coffees, such as the dreamy ones we’ve had at The Hardware Socieite.

Next visit will include food…we’ll be back my sweet little cups of joe, we’ll be back!

Miss Marie on Urbanspoon

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