Curry Curry | Camberwell

Curry Curry in Camberwell

I don’t know how many times we’ve driven past Curry Curry over the years, but let’s just say it’s more than I can count on two hands

When we finally trekked there, the place was empty, but as it should be at 5.30pm, right on opening time (hey, we were hungry!). The sweet smile on the hostess as we walked in made us feel comfortable, and she sat us near the front window of the restaurant.

I’ll give them an “A” for effort in the decor department; however out-dated the ornaments were (bless that poor thing on the ceiling that was once a chandelier!), it appears as though, at one point in time, a fair effort was put into fitting this place out. A blue glowing bar, window to the kitchen (with a wave from the chef! Hoorooo!), and a very clean dining area, make the atmosphere – in my opinion – a whole lot better than most of their peers.

Vegetable Pakoras

Okay, less babble, more talk of food.

No alcohol tonight, just a carafe of water. Standard poppadoms and mint yogurt were presented, and then our starters of mixed vegetable pakoras (4pcs/$7.00) arrived. They were okay, one of those little critters was way overcooked, making it very dry, but the other three were fine – we ate, all gone. What’s next…

Shawn’s part of this review is really easy: he ordered the beef Rogan Josh ($14.00), the meat was tender by his account, and the curry sauce had a lovely full flavour. Happy man, quiet and eating with a smile 🙂

Silver (?) foil on my Paneer & Garlic Naan

I got my Indian favourite of Paneer Makhani, and it arrived all posh n’ stuff, topped with a leaf of silver? Tin foil? Not sure exactly which, but fancy it was at $18.00! Mind you, I knew that price before I ordered, because it was clearly listed on the “Chef’s Special” menu. And I only make a particular note of the price because that dish is usually much less at other restaurants. But then again, what other Indian eateries place a sheet of silver on your curry? Yeah, I didn’t think so. And I’m all for paying the price if it’s yummers, so let’s dig in.  I was hoping, pleading, wishing, it would bust out with deep, velvety flavours, because it has all the potential for that. But after a mouthful, my (somewhat overly high) hopes were abandoned and I settled for it being just good, with no particular difference being noticed when compared to others I’ve had elsewhere. A standard handful of paneer, lots of creamy tomato-y sauce, a few sprigs of coriander, and don’t forget the anomalous shiny leaf that topped it off.

Rogan Josh, Saffron Rice, Paneer Makhani

We had saffron rice ($5.50/large) and two garlic naans ($3.50/ea), both of which were good. The naans, for me, were the highlight of the show. Crispy in just the right spots, soft in others, with a good slap of ghee and garlic on top.

Overall, Curry Curry is a nice little Indian restaurant, and despite the singular blitzed-out pakora and my high Paneer Makhani expectations not being totally met, I’d honestly go back again.  If you’re in the Camberwell area and have the hankering for some Indian fare, give them a go. 🙂

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