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The Forge Pizzeria

Visiting Ballarat for a day, and the decision to find this snug little pizzeria was based purely on Urbanspoon reviews! Once inside, we’re met with repurposed decor (we ate on a door used as a table) and rockabilly-esque staff & music – love it. So let’s try the pizzas…

Pumpkin – hands down the all-star winner! Thin slices of pumpkin, touches of rosemary, salty goats cheese… Brilliant! Could’ve eatdn more!

The Forge – eggplant and garlic bread crumbs. More subtle in flavour than I expected, but still a great combo of flavours.

These didn’t last long…

Cheeses – yes – its exactly what if says! Feta, Gorgonzola, and ricotta on a white base. If you love cheese, this will do it for you! Lacked depth, but then again, what do you expect from a pizza called cheeses? 🙂

Prosciutto – Shawn had thus one & said the slices of prosciutto were lovely! I had a slice without the meat, and even that was yum!

All in all, a The Forge Pizzeria is great destination for gastro-pizza lovers!!

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