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One of the best we’ve had
Just this past weekend, my husband and I decided to take a trip away to Bright, Victoria. Being Melbourne foodies, we only had three things on the agenda: relax, eat, and eat more.

On our second day, we meandered through Bright’s little streets full of shops, when we asked a local store owner, “Where would you go for dinner tonight?” She responded quite quickly, “Oh, I’d go to Suganya’s.” Her lack of hesitation on recommending the restaurant made it easy for us to decide to go, so the phone call was placed, and our table booked.

As we pulled into the parking space of the street-fronted eatery, we noticed it was packed. “Thank goodness we booked” I said to Shawn. The door was opened and we were greeted by a lovely gentleman who seated us, gave us menus and scurried off to attend the other patrons.

The menu boasted the usual Thai fair, and we made quick work of selecting our food: Fish Cakes to start, pork stirfry, tofu with thai sweet basil, vegetarian fried rice, and some roti with satay sauce.

Our fishcakes arrived, and we immediately knew they would be delicious.  Bursting with flavour, the combination of spices made them wonderful on their own, but I must admit – the little sweet chili sauce added a nice touch.

The mixture of vegetables was well complimented by the just-right-amount-of-saltiness of the pork, and the thai sweet basil tofu had more flavour than the dish knew what to do with. Shawn even admitted, after taking a bite of the tofu, that it trumped his dish for flavour. The vegetarian fried rice was beautiful – no need for soy, no need to do anything more than just eat it! The roti bread was buttery and great tool to grab all the wonderful goodness on our plates! The only let down was the satay sauce served with the roti, don’t get me wrong, it was good – but just not as good as the rest of the dishes!

All in all, I’d say that most Melbourne Thai restaurants couldn’t hold a candle to Suganya’s in Bright. Upon complimenting our host, he informed us they’ve been operating for 3 years. 3 YEARS!? And I had never heard of them? Ah-hem. Now, I must take a moment and call the attention of my fellow foodie friends who have frequented Bright in this time…what have you been doing? How have you visited this establishment and not shared this little Thai gem with the rest of your Urbanspoonites? Shame on you. But I have now righted this wrong and all is good in the world now.

If you plan a visit to Bright – then plan a visit to Suganya’s. Trust me, once you taste the food, you’ll be glad you did.

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